Adalind’s “Mistake” and More Teasers From “Grimm” Episode ‘Key Move’


A TRIP OVERSEAS WILL TAKE NICK AND MONROE ON A DANGEROUS JOURNEY – BAILEY CHASE, JACQUELINE TOBONI AND DAMIEN PUCKLER GUEST STAR – Newly gained artifacts take Nick (David Giuntoli) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) closer to the source of a long-gestating mystery. Elsewhere, Black Claw makes a deadly move that will send Portland into disarray. Bitsie Tulloch, Russell Hornsby, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, Bree Turner and Claire Coffee also star.

NBC’s supernatural series Grimm is ramping up the drama as it nears its milestone 100th episode, which airs next Friday. OMFGTV had the opportunity to screen tonight’s episode, the show’s 99th, titled “Key Move,” and below we’ve included several teasers.

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• The Scooby Gang make a big discovery that helps them on their quest. And this is in the first few minutes alone!

• Adalind makes a “mistake” that will make “Nadalind” fans lose their sh*t!

grimm-512-into-the-shwarzwald-1• Nick kisses baby Kelly. *swoon*

• During a basketball game, things end bad for someone.. or something.

• In a car, Nick opens up to Monroe and the way it happens made me laugh out loud.

• The laughs continue as Monroe does something in a church that we thought was funny.

• Someone gets a makeover! And that person becomes almost unrecognizable!

• The final few seconds of the episode will leave you hanging.

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GrimmKey Move” airs Friday, March 4, at 9pm on NBC.

Photo Credit: Scott Green/NBC
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