Teasers from the Penultimate Episode of NBC’s “Grimm” ‘Zerstörer Shrugged’

It’s almost time to say goodby to NBC’s supernatural drama Grimm. As much as we hate to see it go, all good things must sadly come to an end. NBC provided OMFGTV with an advanced look at the series’ penultimate episode and it’s one hell of a roller coaster ride!

The installment, titled, “Zerstörer Shrugged,” is definitely the most intense of the season so far. If it escalates even further in next week’s series finale, then we’ll probably have a heart attack!

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode? We’ve included a few teasers to tide you over!

BIBLE STUDY | Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) dusts off his family bible (Wesen version) — passed down from his father’s side since 1598 — to help shed some light on what this “Other Side” is that Nick and Eve is trapped in.

ALTHOCHDEUTSCH | With the help of Hank (Russell Hornsby), Wu (Reggie Lee) and a handy language translation site, Rosalee (Bree Turner) uncovers the truth about why the skull-faced monster is targeting Nick and Eve.

THE OTHER SIDE | Moments before the Grimm title card appears, a moment in the scene that precedes it had me with my hands clasped over my mouth and saying, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.”

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TERRIFIED | Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) becomes frightened and is in tears when her powers give her a warning — bad news that she delivers to the Scooby Squad.

HOT AS HELL | A new guest star appears in this episode, playing a key role — and he is hot!

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | It all comes full circle tonight when the cabin in the woods from the series premiere makes its return and is brought back and utilized in a very clever way that ties into the story.

THE RETURN | Trubel fans rejoice — Jacqueline Toboni is BACK! And what the young Grimm finds — or doesn’t find — has her fearing the worst. And what brought her back?


Grimm “Zerstörer Shrugged” airs tonight at 8pm on NBC.

Photo Credit: Allyson Riggs/NBC