Grimm’s Claire Coffee Talks Complicated Relationship with Nick, Provides Diana Update

“She Wants to be a Good Person.”

With two episodes into Grimm‘s fifth season, we’ve learned that Adalind Schade birthed a healthy baby boy, which she named Kelly, after Nick’s late mother. We also learned that while Adalind doesn’t expect her baby daddy to be there for Kelly, there are no signs of Nick abandoning the two.

OMFGTV recently participated in a conference call with Adalind herself, Claire Coffee, where she previewed a little about what the former Hexenbiest is up to in the first half of the season.

nbc-grimm-claire-coffee-adalind-schade-kelly-nick-scooby-squad“Her main concern is keeping Kelly safe and she’s really trying to figure out a way that she can be the ‘normal person’ that she wants to be,” Coffee explains. “She wants to be a good person and is trying to figure out ways to do that. Her relationship with Nick is also something that is ever changing for the first half of the season. It gets complicated is the only thing I can say.”

Along with her relationship with Nick, she’s also relying on him for protection, especially when the new threats that arrive in Portland bring a “fear that [Kelly is also] going to get taken away from them.”

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It’s been quite a while since Adalind last saw her first child, Diana. At the time of our interview, the cast and crew were working on episode 11 and Claire reveals that she still hasn’t gotten her daughter back yet.

nbc-grimm-claire-coffee-adalind-schade-kelly-nick-scooby-squad-2“[Diana] is aging rapidly, so we’re all sort of speculating as to how old she will be when I finally see her again,” she says. “At this point, whoever she’s with has spent a lot more time with her than Adalind has, so those mother ties are very, very strong, but their relationship would obviously be difficult at first.”

Another element that we might not see for a while is Adalind joining the Scooby Squad, but she does help them “a little bit.”

“[Nick] probes her for some knowledge more about the darker side of the Wesen world and from the kind of folklore perspective. She proves to be helpful in a few ways, [but] she’s not trekking through the forest in the nighttime.”

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm on NBC.

Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC