“Inhumans” Episode Review: King of No One

Following a rocky start, “Inhumans” delivers a more focused episode in “Divide and Conquer.” Maximus offers Crystal a deal, Medusa tries to locate Black Bolt, and Karnak questions his ability to serve the Royal Family.

This week, Maximus proposes to Crystal that she align with his interests in order to save Lockjaw. Naturally, Crystal pretends to go along with the plan, only to back out publicly and escape to Hawaii with Lockjaw in tow. But almost immediately after arriving, Lockjaw is hit by a guy on an ATV AT NIGHT!!! Who rides an ATV in the Hawaiian jungle at night??!!

Black Bolt is promptly put in prison, where his inability to speak gets him in serious trouble with the guards. They try to get him beaten up by prisoners, but they rebel against the guards, allowing Black Bolt and a fellow Inhuman inmate to escape and be rescued by Dr. Declan (“Lost’s” Henry Ian Cusick), who apparently has a vested interest in Inhumans. Unfortunately, they escape just as Medusa arrives to free her husband, so she forces Louise- who was at the prison to try to talk to Black Bolt- to pursue them.

Oh, and Karnak runs into a group of weed growers and decides to stick around with them. Can safely say I didn’t see that coming…

“Divide and Conquer” made a better impression than the premiere with all of the exposition out of the way. It also started the plot train unusually early for the series and sets up an interesting dynamic for the rest of the season.

“Inhumans” airs Fridays at 9pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Karen Neal