“Inhumans” Episode Review: Proving Loyalty

“Inhumans” delivers its strongest hour to date with “Make Way for… Medusa.” Maximus discovers a way to activate his Inhuman genes, while Medusa teams up with Louise to find Black Bolt. Crystal seeks a local’s help to heal the wounded Lockjaw.

Almost instantly, the plot gets thickened when we learn that Dr. Declan, who is sheltering Black Bolt with the promise that he will help find Medusa, is working with Maximus from afar. Declan reveals that Black Bolt’s DNA could hold the key to triggering Terrigenesis, prompting Maximus to murder the Genetic Council when they object to his plan to go through the mists again.

Medusa herself teamed up with Louise, who is quickly becoming my favorite character. In addition to being an entertaining chatterbox, she also has an interesting backstory- her father wanted to go to the Moon, but died before he could and his ashes are in her rocket ship necklace to remind her of his goals. Plus, she’s capable, stealing a nice car to help Medusa and helping locate Black Bolt. Also, Louise herself wants to go to the Moon, nudge, nudge.

Medusa and Black Bolt reunite and vow to get revenge on Maximus, while Crystal makes friends with Dave, the guy who ran over Lockjaw, who’s veterinarian ex-girlfriend helps heal him. P.S. I’m still not buying Dave’s excuse for riding an ATV at night. “He was in the middle of the road.” WHAT ROAD? IT’S THE MIDDLE OF THE JUNGLE!

“Make Way for… Medusa” was the most entertaining episode to date of “Inhumans.” We’re only at the halfway point for the season, but it’s a strong halfway point that hopefully the next four episodes can capitalize on.

“Inhumans” airs Fridays at 9pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Karen Neal