“Inhumans” Episode Review: What Are the Odds?

Nearing the back half of the season, “Inhumans” takes a sizable detour this week in “Something Inhuman This Way Comes.” Karnak and Jen find themselves under fire by drug buyers, while Black Bolt, Medusa and Louise try to reunite with the Royal Family.

I won’t sugar coat it, folks: Nothing happened this week. Almost the entire episode was focused on Karnak and his weed growing girlfriend, Jen, as they tried to elude crazed drug dealers. That’s about it for development and action. But on a side note, I did appreciate that the drug dealers immediately murdered Jen’s treacherous partner, partly because it was a legitimate shock and partly because that was a smart and villainous thing to do.

Practically everything and everyone else got sidelined. Crystal and Lockjaw teleported to find Medusa- and for some inexplicable reason took Dave with them. Oh, and Dave tells Crystal that they can find her family later and right now, they should take a swim. And that’s the last we see of either of them this episode.

The whole Black Bolt/Medusa reunion was glossed over, aside from a brief moment of Medusa describing the moment she lost her hair while making it sound like she got raped. That’s not my observation: The look on Louise’s face as she overhears this says it all. But don’t worry, it’s never brought up again.

“Something Inhuman This Way Comes” dragged whatever traction this show had going for it way down. Fortunately, there’s only two episodes until the season finale, so there’s time to turn it around, but this week was already a low point of the season.

“Inhumans” airs Fridays at 9pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Karen Neal