“Inhumans” Recap: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

In Inhumans‘ penultimate episode, “Havoc in the Hidden Land,” tensions between Maximus and the Royal Family hit a breaking point, forcing both parties to make drastic decisions to end the conflict.

Confused Yet? | The plot goes for an unexpected turn pretty quickly when Triton returns from the Hawaiian ocean and it is revealed that Black Bolt knew that Triton survived as part of a backup plan to fight back against Maximus. This plan involves the Royal Family teleporting to a hidden bunker on Attilan, exchanging Declan to Maximus as a parlay to continue with their rule and causing power outages over the city. Yeah, this gets real complicated real fast and it still doesn’t make sense. Even Medusa has no clue what’s going on and is understandably upset that Black Bolt left her out of the loop.

A Twist in the Tale | The Royal Family meets with Maximus to exchange Declan to him so Maximus can reenter Terrigenesis. But Maximus double crosses them and publicly turns down their offer. As Declan prepares the process for Maximus, Karnak discovers a flaw in Declan’s research that could allow for Gorgon to be resurrected via Auran’s DNA, because apparently, no one stays dead in the MCU. Karnak convinces the doubting Auran to lend him some of her blood, but the process appears to not work, only for Gorgon to wake up and see Declan in the final scene.

The Irredeemable | Medusa tries once again to convince Black Bolt that Maximus is worth sparing and they should be different from their parents, leading to a sequence that I’m frankly torn on: As Medusa flashes back to a touching moment when they first met after Black Bolt unintentionally killed his parents, this actually moving sequence is nearly impossible to watch because someone thought that Black Bolt and Medusa’s conversation should be played over the flashback in a dual image. It was very disorienting.

Triton goes after Maximus and makes short work of his guards before bringing him to Black Bolt. But before Black Bolt can kill him, Maximus claims that he has rigged the dome around Attilan to blow in the event of his death. Time for a moral dilemma!

Inhumans airs Fridays at 9pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Karen Neal