“Inhumans” Season Finale Recap: Attilan’s Finest

On “Inhumans'” season (series?) finale, “And Finally: Black Bolt,” the conflict between Maximus and the Royal Family is finally resolved as Attilan’s fate hangs in the balance. Lots of other stuff goes down too, but for the most part, “Inhumans” heavily borrows from other Marvel properties for its finale.

Last Resort |Maximus’s claim that he has rigged Attilan’s dome to collapse turns out to be true; if he doesn’t press a button every hour, Attilan goes bye-bye. Medusa returns to Earth and meets Louise to try to convince Louise’s boss to shelter Attilan’s population in a secret location on Earth. Medusa also entrusts Louise with holding onto Attilan’s Terrigen supply because she trusts her. Still doesn’t make up for never taking her to the Moon!

Gorgon is resurrected and is practically crazy now, killing poor Declan in a fit of rage. Black Bolt and Medusa are furious to learn that Karnak resurrected Gorgon despite their objections and insist that they will deal with him later, while Crystal leads the population of Attilan to a portal to Earth.

Won’t Back Down |>Maximus says he will let Attilan die in order to finally fulfill his dream of becoming king. Medusa tries one last time to talk him into reason, and at first, Maximus seems to want to reason with her. But when he orders Medusa to give him the last Terrigen crystal, she angrily destroys it and leaves. It’s around this time that Maximus becomes less of a misunderstood outcast and more of a ego maniac. He used to be pretty watchable, now he’s just chewing the scenery. Oh, and that’s not even the craziest thing he does this episode.

Black Bolt confronts Maximus as Attilan evacuates the Moon and Maximus seems resigned to death. So much so, that he tells Black Bolt that he made it look like their parents were trying to have Black Bolt lobotomized, inadvertently leading to their deaths when Black Bolt spoke to them. Yes, Maximus was always a power hungry manipulator, but seriously? Tricking your brother into killing your parents?

An Era of Change |As Attilan collapses and the Inhumans flock to Earth, Black Bolt locks Maximus in the underground bunker and seals him inside by simply saying, “Goodbye, brother.” Maximus is locked on the Moon forever, telling himself that he is the king of Attilan. As the Inhumans gather at their new home on Earth, Black Bolt cryptically tells Medusa that they traded one threat for another. Baiting an unlikely second season, much?

“Inhumans” ended on a confused and cluttered note, bringing up a lot of threads that went nowhere and underserving most of its cast. We’ll see if ABC takes a chance on season two, but until then, this show was a rocky ride.

Photo Credit: ABC/Karen Neal