“iZombie” Recap: Fifty Shades of Brain

The visions are here in numbers and length on this week’s episode of iZombie after Liv ingests the brain of a dominatrix that has been marinating in Ravi’s memory serum experiment for two weeks. Elsewhere, Major is fast running out of time before his lucky inhaler is just not enough to save him from dying (again-ish?). Clive is getting closer to piecing together what really led to Wally and his family’s murders and turns to some unlikely allies to get more information. “Spanking the Zombie” was written by Sara Saedi and directed by Tessa Blake. Here’s what went down.

WHIPPED | Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) has been assigned a two-week old case of a murdered dominatrix and goes to Liv (Rose McIver) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) for their help. Unfortunately, the victim has already been cremated but luckily (or unluckily for Liv’s stomach), Ravi saved her brain and has been using it to experiment on the memory cure leaving the brain very blue. But a case is a case so Liv sucks it up and eats the brain anyway. She and Clive go to the crime scene where they discover the victim had been recording her sessions with a hidden camera but the memory card has been stolen. For some reason the brain being submersed in the memory cure gives it an extra umph and Liv’s visions are almost ongoing and lasting much longer than normal causing her to space out for thirty seconds at a time. Clive sends her to Jimmy the sketch artist (guest star Ryan Beil) to get drawings of all the clients that appear in her visions. Several familiar faces make an appearance in her visions like the zombie soon-to-be mayor, Johnny Frost (guest star Daran Norris) the skeevy weatherman, and a defense lawyer named Mr. Stone (guest star Ken Marino). Mr. Stone leads tells them about a peeping tom that was a former client of the victim’s and even points him out in one of Liv’s vision sketches. He then takes on Johnny as a client who admits that he received a threatening phone call blackmailing him in order to keep the video of his “sessions” private. They set up a drop and when the blackmailer shows up to take the money, they tackle and arrest him. Back at the station, Liv wants to be bad cop and uses her new talents as a dominatrix to get a confession out of the peeping tom/blackmailer.

OUT OF TIME | Major (Robert Buckley) goes on a mission with his mercenary team to rescue some hostages and while the mission is a success, Major takes a whole load of stab wounds to the abdomen. Being a zombie, they don’t kill him like they would if he was human but they still take it out of him and combined with the fact that he is getting sicker and sicker, he is hardly able to walk. After he’s been patched up, he sees one of the other mercenaries put something in an ice chest and when he checks it out, he sees the chest is full of the heads of all the people they killed – zombies have to eat somehow I guess. Back at the base, Justin (guest star Tongayi Chirisa) invites him out for drinks and Major says he’ll be there in a bit but when he stands up, he is hit with a wave of coughs and collapses. Thankfully Justin heard the commotion and runs back in to find him and brings him to Liv and Ravi at the morgue. They can’t give him the cure yet because of his stab wounds so they heal him as much as they can to give his wounds time to heal zombie-style. They make him comfortable in bed and Liv breaks the news that the memory serum didn’t work so he will indeed lose all his memories. He makes her promise to remind him how much they mean to each other and they spend one last night together. In the morning, Ravi comes in with the cure and they prepare to inject him.

INVESTIGATE THE REDNECK | Even though Cavanaugh explicitly tells them again to stay out of his investigation into the zombie family’s murders, Clive and Liv keep digging. They know the racist redneck, Harley (guest star Andrew Caldwell), won’t talk to them, they think he will be willing to talk to the Filmore Graves powers that be, especially if there is a compensation check for his brother’s death on the table. They guessed right and he tells Vivian (guest star Andrea Savage) almost everything he suspects/knows about zombies. While he is inside talking to her, she has a microphone implanted in his car so that when he leaves and immediately calls a friend, they listen in as he tells him that he kept their theory about the Chaos Killer victims being zombies a secret. They will continue to listen in on him and his dealings to try and protect themselves and the other zombies from whatever it is he and his buddies are planning.

• Clive, no grown man should ever say, “Sweet sassy molassey”.
• As a huge fan of Veronica Mars, seeing the tables turn with Vinnie as Cliff’s lawyer was an absolute treat.
• I am assuming that the “Gern Blanston” suggestion was a nod to the Steve Martin persona and not the Blue Dragonborn guest character on Critical Role played by Chris Hardwick but a girl can dream.

So what did you think? How long until Major’s memory vanishes entirely? What else will the microphone in the racist redneck’s car pick up? Let us know your theories in the comments below!

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW.