“Killjoys” Recap: Pree Has Hair?!?

Things are really starting to pick up in the world of Killjoys, and the newest episode is no exception! Even better, fan favorite character, Pree (Thom Allison) gets a backstory! ‘The Lion, The Witch, & The Warlord’ was written by Julian Diucet and directed by Paolo Barzman.

Johnny Gets Caught | Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) and Zeph (Kelly McCormack) are trying to figure out how to open the Remnant, and think D’avin might have some control over it. Johnny gets promoted to Level 5, and Pree seems to have a new blossoming relationship on the horizon. Turin (Patrick Garrow) reveals to Johnny that Dutch “rank blocked” him and wouldn’t let him become a Level 5 until then.

Remember the real reason Johnny left The Quad? Well, that’s catching up to him now when Killjoys serving a Black Warrant show up to arrest him for Delle Seyah’s (Mayko Nguyen) murder. When everyone realizes the warrant was real, all hell breaks loose as they fight their way out of the bar.

Johnny, Dutch and Pree get to Lucy (Tamsen McDonough) and leave while D’avin and the others stay behind to fight. Once they take out the other Killjoys D’avin realizes all their guns were set to stun, so they want him alive. Turin suggest D’avin goes to Banyon (Karen LeBlanc) to find out what’s going on.

Dutch and Johnny finally talk about what’s going on, and he admits he isn’t sorry about killing Delle Seyah. How will he feel when he finds out she’s still alive and has been made Hullen? Guilty he didn’t kill her, maybe?

D’avin turns to a bit of light torture to find out why they’re after Johnny, and discovers they wanted him in cryo, they want to take him somewhere far away.

Pree wants to go Ohron to get help from the Ferran, the badass outlaw group he used to run with.

On Ohron, PREE HAS HAIR!!! Long, luscious blonde locks! Pree lights a beacon and the Ferran appear, and Pree claims sanctuary. Pree reveals he went by Varyk when he they knew him, and everyone is shocked by the name. This was the time from Pree’s past when he was a warlord. The leader, Lachlan (Mac Fyfe) immediately embraces Pree and kisses him, then they shoot each other!

Pree explains to the Ferran why they are here, and appeals to their better nature, and also bribes them with weapons. But Lachlan says it isn’t enough, he wants Pree’s life for their safety.

At the RAC, Turin confronts Banyon about the Black Warrant. Banyon provides Turin with video proof that Johnny shot Delle Seyah.

D’avin and Gared (Gavin Fox) watch the video and don’t think she died, she was shot in the stomach and there has been no word of her death, so they decide to check Pree’s alley cams.

On Ohron, Pree explains his history with Lachlan to his friends, and promise the Ferran will save Johnny, they just need to figure out to save him. Dutch thinks she can convince them to spare Pree.

“Do not poke the bear.” | Dutch speaks with Lachlan in his war tent. Dutch calls Lachlan out on his feelings for Pree and asks him to free Pree so they can fight the Hullen, so they can save everyone.

D’avin gets the lowdown on Gared and Pree’s love-life while Gared recovers the rest of the video. Delle Seyah did not die when Johnny shot her.

Lachlan decides on a solution, Pree will be “tried by proxy.” Two people will compete, one for Pree’s life, he quickly picks Dutch, and one for an alliance with the Ferran against the Hullen. That “champion” will be Johnny. I guess Dutch poked the bear.

Dutch and Johnny must go through three trials: testing strength of body, mind, and spirit. Their first task is to cut the sigil off their opponent without drawing blood. What was supposed to be friendly turns competitive fast. Johnny and Dutch begin to fight, but Dutch quickly takes his sigil.

D’avin takes the video to Banyon, who still doesn’t want to believe Johnny is being set up. Banyon wants to see Delle Seyah with her own eyes before she will challenge the warrant.

Task number two involves shooting things, something both Dutch and Johnny are good at. But there’s a twist, they are blindfolded and their weapons are not assembled. The first to assemble the gun and shoot the target wins. And guess who takes this one? Johnny!

D’avin goes to Zeph and explains what’s going on, he wants to use the plasma to connect to Delle Seyah. Zeph hooks him up to a machine to kick his brain up a notch, but it doesn’t work.

Task three: Johnny and Dutch must drink something that makes them only speak the truth and trip balls. They have to free themselves from the chain to win, but that is quite difficult when they’re too busy hurling insults at each other. Dutch explains why she blocked Johnny from getting to Level 5, she didn’t want him to be cleared for kill warrants. Then Dutch says one of the most heartbreaking things to him, she didn’t want him to come back. She doesn’t want Johnny to turn into her, and he tells her it’s not her job to protect him. He tells Dutch the reason she wants this war is for her own personal vendetta to prove to Khlyen that she’s better than Aneela. He doesn’t think they can win. Suddenly the room fills with smoke, knocking everyone out. Someone in a gasmask comes in and takes Dutch and Johnny.

The pair wake up tied to a chair. It was the Killjoy from earlier, he found them and captured them

Pree wakes up and is furious, putting Lachlan in a headlock. The two finally hash out their differences, Pree left so Lachlan could become the new commander.

Dutch and Johnny talk through their issues as they break out of their restraints, and seem to be getting back on track. The Killjoy returns before they can get completely free and zaps them.

Dutch tricks the Killjoy and frees herself, then gets to Johnny who is already in cryo. Pree gets there too, along with Lachlan. The Ferran have agreed to fight with them against the Hullen, and Pree is free to go. Things between him and Lachlan are heating up again.

Dutch and Pree have a drink while they wait for Johnny to wake from cryo. Dutch wants the gossip on Lachlan and Gared. When Johnny wakes, Dutch welcomes him to Level 5 by punching him in the face.

Zeph mixes a bit of blood with the plasma and puts it in The Remnant, which opens it.

D’avin tells Johnny and Dutch the truth about Delle Seyah and that they are going to need backup to take her and Aneela on. Dutch is ready to take back the RAC.

Aneela Sees All | Aneela explains “the green” to Delle Seyah, who compares it to a data cloud. Aneela says Delle Seyah’s mind is still very human, but that will soon fade. But fade to what? When Delle Seyah finally tries using the plasma, she gets flashes of “the beginning.”

Zeph gives D’avin a mild hallucinogen to try to tap into the plasma, and this time it works. D’avin sees Delle Seyah and Gander (), discussing the warrant Aneela put out for Johnny. Gander warns Delle Seyah that Aneela will grow tired of her eventually, and D’avin sees the whole exchange.

Delle Seyah asks why Aneela called off the warrant, but Aneela isn’t listening. She can see D’avin, and they speak. Aneela tells D’avin to tell Dutch that she will see her soon.

Killjoys airs Fridays at 8pm on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Ian Watson/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy