“Killjoys” Recap: Everything Goes Boom

Killjoys‘ third season is still going strong with their fifth episode, ‘Attack the Rack.’ Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and her team must infiltrate RAC stations to clear out the Hullen, but things don’t go over as well as they planned. The nail-biting episode was written by Shernold Edwards and directed by Jeff Renfroe.

“We have guns, they have no pants.” | Dutch and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) “kidnap” Captain Cardiff (Gord Rand) from another sector, but they need him. Turin (Patrick Garrow) is building a team of RAC agents he trusts to take on the Hullen. He explains to the ranking officers that Level 6 is real, and has Kitaan (Tara Spencer-Nairn) there to prove it. Turin, Dutch and their team are going to teach these guys how to clean their RAC’s by cleaning their own.

Dutch gives her team a pep-talk, decides Benji (Luc Trottier) and McAvoy (Erik Knudsen) will be going with her and D’avin. Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) has created a paralytic designed to take out humans and Hullen, so they need to be careful lest they want to be paralyzed.

Speaking of Johnny, he tricks one of his RAC buddies into letting him into the room he needs then paralyzes him and moves him. He releases the paralytic into the agency as his team prepares to enter.

The Warrant is All | Dutch explains to her team how to check for humans, cut them and see if they heal, and tells them to kill the Hullen.

Dutch and her team enter the RAC like true badasses, ready to take on anything. They have one hour until the paralytic wears off. Benji finds a Hullen, who turns out isn’t paralyzed. In fact, none of the Hullen are paralyzed! They’ve been set up. Dutch and D’avin fight their way out of the mess, but they are unable to save Benji in the process. The notice the Hullen are wearing anti-paralytic patches, they knew what was coming. But the Killjoys can’t leave, there are humans who are paralyzed and defenseless without them.

The team gets trapped by Radek (Noam Jenkins) and only Dutch is able to escape, through a trash shoot, very Star Wars. She’s headed for the armory.

The boys are being tested on by Radek, he decides to scramble Johnny’s brains for a while after they refuse to answer his questions. Radek’s tool works, Johnny can’t remember certain things from his past anymore. Radek brings in McAvoy, and he reveals that he’s the mole. Radek decided he isn’t Hullen material and kills him. D’avin uses his plasma control abilities to kill Radek’s assistant. Radek knocks D’av out then has his men load him onto the ship, the Commander wants him.

Dutch is forced to strip down to her underwear so the Hullen don’t smell her, and sneaks around the RAC. She makes it to the armory and finds more than just guns. Turin hid a weapon there, but Banyon Grey (Karen LeBlanc) shows up before Dutch can open it. Dutch stabs Grey, and we realize she isn’t Hullen, she’s human. It’s revealed that Grey and Dutch were convinced the other was the enemy, but neither really were. Dutch apologizes, and Banyon tells her to “be stronger and be smarter” because that’s the only way they’re going to win. Dutch promises to come back for Banyon, but we all know that means she isn’t going to make it!

Dutch rescues Johnny, and she shows him the genetic bomb she found in the armory. They can, theoretically, use Hullen DNA to target and kill all the Hullen on the RAC, but because they share so much DNA with humans it is risky. They get to the lab and active the bomb, eliminating all the Hullen on the RAC and the ones on the ship with D’avin, saving him from being delivered to Aneela.

Let Him Out | Cardiff, Turin, Fancy (Sean Baek) and the others are watching live video feed of what’s happening in the RAC. Fancy wants to talk to Kitaan, see if he can find out who the mole is.

Kitaan tries to get into Fancy’s head, she tells him he’s not really cleansed. She wants to get him to turn on Turin and the rest of his people. When Fancy doesn’t she fights him. Turin has an opportunity to get Fancy out of there, but after listening to Cardiff’s doubts about Fancy he decides to leave his friend in there. Once Fancy knocks Kitaan out, then Turin finally lets him out.

Not In Time | Dutch returns to Banyon, in attempts to fulfill her promise, but she’s too late. Grey died from the stab wound inflicted by Dutch. You know she’s going to carry that guilt with her for a while.

The gang heads to the bar to drown their sorrows, and Fancy is NOT happy with Turin. Cardiff promises his people will fight against the Hullen, and he’s sorry for not believing them sooner.

Kiss the Girl | Aneela (Hannah John-Kamen) changed orders for her Fell Squad without informing Gander (Ted Atherton), who is not pleased by it. Aneela says she’s bringing Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) a present from her galaxy, then begins to control the plasma in Gander’s body, almost killing him until Kendry stops her.

Gander is very suspicious of Delle Seyah, he thinks she’s using Aneela to get something. He offers to give her whatever he wants, but says she can’t take his place. As she’s walking away she tells him she already has.

Gander reports that Fell Squad, and the package, have disappeared. Gander wants Delle Seyah removed from Aneela’s side, but Aneela says she’s pleased with both Kendry and Gander’s work. After Gander leaves, Kendry attempts to convince Aneela they are friends. But Aneela wants to be more than friends, she kisses the girl. But only AFTER blowing up all the RACs she felt were about to turn on her. Aneela has an evil plan for Dutch, she wants her to die alone.

Killjoys airs Friday’s at 8pm on Syfy!

Photo Credit: Ian Watson/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy