“Killjoys” Recap: Lucy Finishes Johnny’s Sentence

Syfy’s Killjoys continues to wow its audience with the brilliant risks they take, and that trend continues this week. Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) gets a visitor from his past, Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) deals with the fallout of killing Banyon and Aneela’s (Hannah John-Kamen) bombings. ‘Necropolis Now’ was written by Andrew De Angelis, and directed by Samir Rehem.

Rituals are Important | A ritualistic D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) and semi-drunk Dutch are preparing to honor those who died in Aneela’s explosions of the RAC’s. Dutch is feeling extremely guilty about killing Banyon, and is now questioning whether they should be going to war with Aneela at all. D’avin gives her a great pep talk that leads to Dutch kissing D’av, and him rejecting her.

As Dutch is running off, Zeph (Kelly McCormack) tells D’av she’s figured out what is in the Remnant, brain neocortex cells! But D’avin has more pressing matters on his mind at the moment.

Welcome to Scarback Necropolis | Turin (Patrick Garrow) takes the team the ceremony at Scarback Necropolis, and The Nine are also attending. They need to get The Company behind them, therefore they need to woo The Nine. Louella Seyah Simms (Kimberly-Sue Murray) is there, and Johnny thinks he can persuade her to help them get the other members of The Nine on board.

Dutch finds out she’s doing the Final Salute, which terrifies her, while Johnny tries to use his connection to Pawter’s sister to his advantage. Unfortunately for Johnny, Louella doesn’t feel the same kind of kinship to him that she feels for her.

The ceremony has begun, but when it’s Dutch’s turn to speak she recalls Banyon’s death and freezes. D’avin steps in and does the Final Salute instead, and Alvis (Morgan Kelly) ends the ceremony by placing a seed in everyone’s mouth for them to swallow as a symbol of life. Everyone eats the seed, everyone but Louella that is. She discreetly spits hers out.

Melek Seyah Rinn (Delphine Roussel) approaches Alvis, she wants to talk.

Our team is having trouble recruiting The Nine to back them against the Hullen. They don’t believe the Hullen is their problem anymore, but Dutch promises to get them all on board, even if she has to kill them to do it.

John follows Louella out of the elevator and gets separated from the rest of his team. Dutch and D’av begin their “sales pitch” to a few members of The Nine when suddenly the ship loses power. When it comes back on a member on The Nine is dead, and has a very bloody wound.

John is separated with Louella because the others are stuck on the elevator, but is able to communicate with Dutch to keep tabs on everything going on, so he knows about the murder of the member of The Nine. Louella seems shocked by the news, and wants to help.

After being pushed by a member of The Nine, Dutch and D’avin go to search Alvis for weapons, but Alvis tells them not to bother and pulls out a small finger blade from his belt. Dutch knows Alvis isn’t the murderer, but decide to use him as a scapegoat until they figure out who the real murderer is. Alvis does share his last conversation with Melek before she died, and says she was seeking some sort of leniency for The Nine. He doesn’t know what they did, but it must be bad, and it hasn’t been done yet.

John is in communication with Lucy (Tamsen McDonough) to fix the elevator. Their relationship is still one of the best parts of this show!

Another member of The Nine drops dead in front of them, which means one of them must be hunting The Nine. Johnny thinks whatever is killing them is biological, killing them from the inside. Louella approaches Johnny and says she’s not feeling well, then collapses into his arms.

Dutch comms Zeph to get some help on this biological weapon used against them, and gets walked through how to preform her first autopsy. What she discovers is wild, Melek’s insides have been turned to soup by some sort of small mechanical creature that came flying out of her body.

While Johnny is trying to take care of Louella she asks him about Pawter and how she died. She says she just wants to move forward now, which sounds pretty ominous to me.

Dutch and D’avin discover another mechanical bug crawling out of the other dead member of The Nine, they kill it and and send its info to Johnny. Alvis is able to place where the bugs came from, the seeds he passed out at the ceremony. They all ate those seeds, uh-oh. Johnny and Lucy discover the moth-bots, as Johnny called them, belong to the Simms family. Louella is behind all of this.

She’s taking out the people who are responsible for the death of her family. Johnny tries talking Louella out of it, instead she turns up the power on the seeds, killing them slowly. John fills the others in, and tells them to pull the emergency lever to get them out of range of Louella’s trigger. But they have to be careful, because if they don’t pull it back in time they’ll crash and die.

Dutch pulls the lever, and after fighting some intense gravity, is able to pull it back in time to save them.

Johnny catches up to Louella, calls her a murderer, and tells her about the guilt she will feel once the rush wears off. Johnny tells her if she wants to kill him, she will have to look at him, and he doesn’t think she can because he and Pawter loved each other. And he’s correct, Louella turns the bot off.

Dutch takes The Nine to Pree’s (Thom Allison) bar. She’s figured out their plan and why they don’t care about The Hullen, The Nine plan on leaving. Dutch is not taking no for an answer, she warns that she will kill them if they leave.

D’avin wants to talk to Dutch about the kiss from that morning, and she agrees as long as he brings a bottle of alcohol. Zeph finds her outside and tells her what was in the Revenant, part of a brain similar to Dutch’s that contains memories. They run off to explore the memories, leaving D’avin behind.

Aneela Gets It On | When we last saw Aneela, she was doing some lady kissing with Kendry (Mayko Nguyen), and now we get to witness the aftermath of that, with the two of them in bed together. Kendry wants to spend the night there with Aneela, but Aneela wants Kendry to leave so she can go to her lab. She believes she’s close to a big breakthrough. Kendry learns Brynn (Kalinka Petrie) was in the room the whole time, but was oddly into it. Kendry stays in Aneela’s bed, alone.

Gander (Ted Atherton) spies on Aneela as she works in her lab. He has Brynn with him , and tells her it’s time they get to work.

Brynn returns to Kendry, followed closely behind by Gander, and they’re there to take Kendry. When Aneela returns to her room, it’s empty. She tries to command them all back, but there’s no one there to listen. She looks for Kendry and says “not again” when she realizes she’s gone. So this must have happened before.

She hears her name being called faintly, it’s coming from her plasma pool. She goes to it and gets in. Gander drags Kendry to watch Aneela get into her plasma bath, then fills her in on what is really going on. Aneela is not actually in control, this ship is her prison. The Hullen watch and study her and how she controls the plasma. Unfortunately for Aneela, her big breakthrough may prove her disposable to the Hullen now. He tells his guards to take Kendry to “treatment.” Brynn says Aneela will be furious, but Gander says they’ll just find her a new “pet,” confirming that this has happened before.

While Aneela is in her plasma pool, we get a unique glimpse into her past through memories stored in the plasma, as well as talking to someone who looks like Khlyen (Rob Stewart). Something is trying to break her out of the plasma spell. It’s Brynn, she goes against Gander to warn Aneela that they’re taking Kendry.

Aneela rises out of the plasma pool like the evil goddess that she is and kills all of Gander’s men. Brynn tells her he took Kendry because of whatever she discovered, but she doesn’t know where Kendry is. Aneela storms through the ship, killing everyone in her path looking for her lover.

We see Kendry, hooked up to wires and plasma, and very pregnant.

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Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy