“Killjoys” Season Finale Recap: It’s War Time

Michelle Lovretta has once again demonstrated her amazing abilities as a writer with the Killjoys finale, ‘Wargasm.’ The episode keeps you on the edge of your seats while simultaneously making you burst into laughter. Many questions are answered, but several more are left taking their place. Here is what went down!

Last Supper | The episode opens with everyone enjoying their last meal together before the war, and this includes what looks to be a wedding ceremony between Pree (Thom Allison) and Gared (Gavin Fox). Everyone looks happy, especially Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen).

Previously on Leith, D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) gives Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) a plot of farmland so that Dutch knows he will be taken care of if she dies.

Back to the supper, the war is starting. They need to power up the sonic to take out Aneela’s (Hannah John-Kamen) fleet and return to Lucy. When Zeph (Kelly McCormick) inquires if it’s wartime, she also pulls Dutch aside and gives her what appears to be a weapon to be used on Aneela. She also reminds Dutch that she’s a “really good person.” The friendship between these two is precious!

Dutch gets alerted that Alvis’ (Morgan Kelly) body was found, killed by Aneela.

The Kill Zone | Turin (Patrick Garrow) returns to fight with Fancy’s (Sean Baek) permission, and thank gods because he knows more about commanding an army than D’avin.

Dutch visits Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) to handcuff her and take her elsewhere. The flirting and sexual tension between these two characters is ridiculous, and Kendry also flaunts her feelings for Aneela. Dutch wants to know what Aneela is up to, and Kendry tells her she’s predictable. Uh-oh.

Hullen soldiers sneak aboard and capture Dutch, Aneela stays behind in her place. Johnny immediately realizes this isn’t his best friend but Aneela. They fight and Aneela stabs him in the chest, luckily Lucy (Tamsen McDonough) gets a message to D’avin and Zeph to help him.

Delle Seyah seizes the opportunity and sends the first wave of ships to attack. Turin makes a ballsy move and waits for the entire fleet to make it into the Kill Zone before he has Pree turn on the sonic so Fancy and the other pilots can take them out.

Dutch Sits Out | Dutch is forced to sit out of her war when she is captured, but does her damnedest to get free. Gander (Ted Atherton) has found the location of the sonic and is planning an attack to target and destroy it, under Delle Seyah’s orders.

Johnny has a punctured lung, but there’s no way he’s sitting this out! Zeph is worried about him and says she loves him but immediately takes it back. She loves Johnny but not in that way and she’s worried about them both, and with good reason. They sneak aboard Aneela’s ship but are quickly caught by Kendry.

On the ground, the Hullen have begun firing on Pree’s camp to destroy the sonic. They turn off the sonic and let the Hullen come for them.

Johnny convinces Delle Seyah to call off the war to protect both Aneela and Dutch, because if one of them dies they both die, probably.

First Meeting | Aneela and Dutch finally meet, and it’s the battle of the century. Aneela may have abilities, but Dutch was raised to fight. When she gets the opportunity, she uses the device Zeph gave her and stabs it into Aneela’s brain. But instead of killing Aneela, it inserts all of Dutch’s memories–her whole life–into Aneela’s head. That also includes the memories Khlyen (Rob Stewart) took from Aneela. Dutch puts Aneela’s hand into the plasma so that her existence is known. This changes everything. Aneela now remembers why Dutch was created and she no longer wants to kill her.

Johnny, D’avin, and Delle Seyah rush to stop Dutch and Aneela from killing themselves and are shocked when they watch them disappearing into the plasma together. And what’s on the other side? Khlyen. And he has a weapon for them to use against The Lady in the plasma trying to get out.

D’avin, Johnny, and Delle Seyah get trapped in the elevator and Lucy has to cut it free, leaving them to drift in space.

Other Thoughts:

  • Turin and Fancy’s relationship makes me very happy! Fancy makes sure Turin knows he has that “new asshole smell.”
  • After 207 I’ve wanted Dutch to figure out a way to give Aneela her memories so they could work together and when it happened I stood up and CHEERED.
  • Zeph and Pippin’s (Atticus Mitchell) kiss was unexpected yet hilarious and the kind of thing I enjoy being surprised by.
  • Did it have to be spiders that came out of the plasma?!?!?!?
  • The baby names scene was hilarious! I see what you did there, Lovretta.

What a batshit crazy finale! Luckily Syfy announced over the weekend that Killjoys has been renewed for 2 final seasons! What do you think will happen while Dutch and Aneela are in the plasma?

Photo Credit: Ian Watson/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy