“Legion” Episode Review: Story of Your Life

“Legion” faces a moment of truth with “Chapter 2”- can this brain twisting show sustain its unique vision for more than 90 minutes? Thankfully, the answer is a resounding “Hell yes,” as David explores his past with the help of Ptonomy and Melanie, while Amy tries to find David after his disappearance from Clockworks.

“Chapter 2” continues the mind games and all out lunacy of the pilot, this time playing with flashbacks as Ptonomy use his powers to help David view his own memories. This gave the show a tremendously liberating structure, blending multiple sessions and multiple moments of David’s life together into these trippy blurs. Given how the pilot’s opening took us through much of David’s life, it’s impressive how there’s still a lot of gaps to be filled in.

There was plenty of character development this week, with a great scene of Syd expressing her fears over her own powers. Obviously, this is nothing new for the X-Universe, but seeing the more outgoing Syd struggle with this has more pathos then the always morbid Rogue. David also recalled a truly messed up bedtime story his unseen father read to him every night, hinting that David’s family is more screwed up than we thought.

David also had a vision of Amy being kidnapped by The Eye and was naturally hell bent on saving her. But, insanely, it’s Syd who talks him out of it, with the twisted, if understandable, logic that they’ll keep Amy alive until they get David. It makes Syd more morally questionable, which is surprising given who much she cares for David, although it could be her warped mindset from living at Summerland too long.

“Chapter 2” followed through on the show’s ultimate promise to the viewer. Keeping things crazy and keeping things stylish, it was a solid second outing for the series.

“Legion” airs Wednesdays on FX.