“Legion” Episode Review: Dark Night of the Soul

In “Chapter 3” of “Legion,” David continued memory work with Melanie, who pushes to get David to not hold back. When Syd suggests tagging along, David is worried that she won’t like what she sees.

In this horror movie-esque episode, the memory revisiting continued, albeit with nightmarish interruptions by “The Devil with the Yellow Eyes,” whose origins are still unknown. (For the record, my money’s on the Shadow King) Interestingly, Melanie and Ptonomy couldn’t see the Devil in their early sessions, although David, and later Syd, could. Naturally, this brings up tons of questions that the episode ignored, but it paid off in the ending when Melanie saw the truth of the Devil and David still didn’t wake up for the show’s first official cliffhanger.

There was more great character stuff with Syd and David this week, as the pair have a wonderfully awkward conversation about that time they were in each other’s bodies. The episode also demonstrated how much Syd loves David, seeing as she went to extreme lengths to keep his child embodiment safe in the memories. Plus, there was a fantastic moment where she finally got to touch David, albeit in dream form.

“Chapter 3” just keeps on stretching “Legion’s” creative muscles. As horrifying as the episode was, there’s still that insane beauty in this show that will hopefully never fade.

“Legion” airs Wednesdays on FX.