“Legion” Episode Review: Welcome to Mystery

“Legion” delivered its most bonkers episode to date with “Chapter 4,” in which Syd and Ptonomy went looking for clues to David’s fractured past while David himself meets Oliver in the astral plane.

This one was just plain weird. First up, let’s talk Oliver, played by Jemaine Clement, who appears to be Melanie’s comatose (?) husband, locked in a diver’s suit in Summerland’s basement. He definitely delivered some odd laughs, but naturally, this subplot raised a great many unanswered questions and some really trippy visuals.

Then there was the reveal that Lenny was in fact a man, which not only plays into the show’s “What is real” mind games, but hints that Lenny as seen in David’s hallucinations is not Lenny at all, but something else altogether. There’s a subtle clue that she’s connected to the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, which would be a hell of a twist.

The rest was focused on Syd, Ptonomy and Kerry being ambushed by The Eye and his troops. We find out that The Eye can somehow manipulate others’ vision and he uses that power to impersonate David’s doctor. Oh, and Kerry gets shot trying to save David for a good cliffhanger.

“Chapter 4” was a crazy, crazy episode and for the first time, it didn’t work to the show’s advantage. It was just mind games for mind games’ sake and didn’t move the plot train along too far. It’s a disappointment, but hopefully one the show can make up for.

“Legion” airs Wednesdays on FX.