“Legion” Episode Review: The Devil Inside

In “Chapter 5” of “Legion,” David comes into the fullness of his powers and launches a rescue mission to get Amy from the clutches of Division 3. Syd starts to suspect that David is not himself.

After last week’s underwhelming episode, “Chapter 5” made up for that in virtually every way. Not only do we finally get some exposition into the madness of the Devil with the Yellow Eyes- the Shadow King hinting  was on full blast this week- but we also get some more creative uses of David’s powers, including a memorable finale that blacked out the sound for maximum tension.

We now know that the Devil/Lenny is some other entity that is possessing David and controlling him like a puppet to do terrible things. That implies that the real David is still in there somewhere, gearing up the last few episodes of the season to a Save David vibe that should be fun. Also, it’s fun to see Aubrey Plaza as the outright psycho villain of the season and the cliffhanger ending implies we’ll be seeing more of her.

And, yeah, that cliffhanger was nuts. After nearly getting shot by the Eye, Syd and company wake up in Clockworks incredibly unaware that anything happened with Lenny as their therapist. Only “Legion” could’ve pulled off a cliffhanger this crazy. While it may just be another astral projection of a false reality, it nonetheless stands as one of the show’s biggest WTF moments.

“Chapter 5” was perhaps second to the pilot in the long haul of great “Legion” episodes. With mind games, tons of creativity and a few long-promised answers, this was one of the most memorable hours of television all year.

“Legion” airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.