“Legion” Episode Review: Ignorance is Bliss

In “Chapter 6” of “Legion,” Syd questions the reality of Clockworks while David is oddly at peace with his situation. Cary is visited by a mysterious figure.

Compared to last week’s no expense spared episode, this chapter was much more restrained and relatively calm. Unsurprising, given the insanity of the we’re-back-in-Clockworks plot; it made sense for the show to slow down and give the viewer a breather.

This episode was basically a slow burn build to what we already figured out- that Clockworks is Lenny’s illusion created to keep them calm- so it’s to the show’s credit that this was a riveting episode. Especially with the slightly off imagery and behavior running through the whole thing, culminating in a tense standoff between David and Lenny ending in her seemingly trapping him in a coffin. We also got some good hinting that David’s father is in fact Charles Xavier.

Then there was the diver’s suit guy who led Melanie and Cary out of the illusion as the show ended abruptly ¬†with Cary rescuing Syd. Hopefully, with next week being the penultimate episode of the season, the nature of the diver’s suit guy will be revealed in a fun and creative fashion.

“Chapter 6” was essentially the prelude to “Legion’s” season finale, giving viewers the calm before the storm, as it were. With two episodes to go and a second season renewal just announced, time will tell how “Legion” will perform.

“Legion” airs Wednesdays on FX.