“Legion” Episode Review: Long Live the King

Just when you thought “Legion” couldn’t possibly get more intense, we get “Chapter 7,” in which Cary teams up with Oliver to help Syd and the others escape the hospital illusion and rescue David.

Right out of the gate, this episode confirms what many already knew: Lenny is the Shadow King. There’s clearly a history around the character that’s only hinted at here- frankly, if I didn’t read the “X-Men” comics, I’d be lost- which gives the show a grander feeling to it. This episode also put a ticking time clock on saving David before he is lost to the King forever, which is always a good way to give an episode high stakes.

David teamed up with his logical, and British, self to do some serious deducting work- I’m talking Sherlock Holmes level stuff- to figure out the entire backstory of his real father and the Shadow King. We did get a brief shot of the iconic wheelchair, but that was about it.

Eventually, after a tense mental escape sequence, all seems well and Oliver even returns to the world of the living. Of course, there’s one more episode to go in the season, so the interrogator from the pilot returns to kill everybody. DUM DUM DUUUMMM!

“Chapter 7” delivered a hell of a ride from beginning to end and teed up the season finale in a clever way as only “Legion” can. If “Chapter 8” can hold this momentum, the season will be near flawless.

“Legion” airs Wednesdays on FX.