“Legion” Episode Review: War Games

“Legion” closes out its stellar first season with “Chapter 8,” in which Clark, the Division agent who interrogated David, returns to finish the job. David tries to rid himself of the Shadow King once and for all, while the King tries to make a deal with Syd.

This episode got quite a bit done by “Legion” standards. While viewers are used to a more experience-first-plot-second show, this finale essentially threaded multiple storylines all together in one hour. First up, there’s the sudden return of Hamish Linklater’s Clark, who gets painted more sympathetically with a loving husband and adopted son there for him in the hospital after being burned. Of course, he still wants to kill David and company, but seeing the Shadow King wreak havoc could potentially turn him over to the good guys’ side.

Then there was Syd confronting the King, who tried to make a deal with her to ensure his own survival and save David. This lead to a cool moment in which Syd kissed David, bookending the season in a way, as the King played hot potato with the bodies of our heroes until David finally blasted him into oblivion/Oliver’s body. And poor Oliver had just remembered who Melanie was, too. While I wish the Shadow King would’ve been dead as a doornail by episode’s end for closure’s sake, it should be fun to see Jemaine Clement in (hopefully) a villainous capacity next season.

Speaking of next season, how about that bonkers and unexpected stinger with the tiny floating thingy sucking up David? There’s a cliffhanger for ya! And before you ask, I have no idea and I read the “X-Men” comics.

“Chapter 8” ended the season on the same high note it begun on. Without question, “Legion” was one hell of a ride and one I would gladly revisit when season 1 hits DVD.