“The Magicians” Recap: Peaches & Plums

Just off the heels of Penny destroying his own body, The Magicians tackles a whole different kind of story. In this weeks episode we see a royal wedding, the Lady Underground, and a whole alternative timeline. ‘A Life in the Day’ was written by Mike Moore and directed by John Scott.

Quest Time | Eliot (Hale Appleman) and Quentin (Jason Ralph) realize where the next magical key may be hidden, so they take a portal through a clock and end up in Fillory…in the past. Which means they have magic, but it also means they are stuck there until they solve a mosaic puzzle revealing the key. What first seems like it could takes weeks turns into an actual lifetime, Eliot and Quentin grow old together, raise a family together, and Eliot dies. While burying his body, Q finds the piece they needed to figure out the puzzle and revealing the key, just as young Jane Chatwin (Rose Liston) appears looking for the key. Because he’s read the books, Q gives her the key knowing she needs it now. After, he sends Margo (Summer Bishil) a letter, explaining how he and Eliot are dead, but they know where she can get the key.

Lucky for them, Margo comes through, gets the key and goes back to stop them from ever going on the quest in the first place. Or did she? Q and Eliot remember their other life, maybe it was an alternate timeline?

Unlucky Wedding | In Fillory, Margo is forced to marry a prince from a neighboring land, but lucky for her, Prince Micah (Markian Tarasiuk) is HOT. And polite. But as their wedding nears, it becomes clear that someone is trying to take Micah’s life. During the ceremony it becomes clear who that someone is, Prince Fomar (Nicholas Coombe), Micah’s brother. Fomar beheads his older brother during the ceremony so he could instead marry Margo, but he’s like 15. EW!

But once Margo receives Q’s message from the past, she knew where to find Jane Chatwin to get the keys location, Jane’s body. Margo loves Q and Eliot enough to dig up Jane’s body and prevent them from getting stuck in the Fillory timeloop.

Gods and Mental Hospitals | On Earth, Kady (Jade Tailor) is in a mental ward after losing Penny (Arjun Gupta), so Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) decides to take her the key that reveals him so she can see he’s alive. But that plan backfires on everyone. Kady and Penny fight, and the hospital gets it all on camera. It looks like Kady is arguing with no one, and now they won’t let her leave.

Alice and Julia (Stella Maeve) decide to go grab a drink, and Julia decides to use the key to try to reveal what is inside of her. It’s the Lady Underground, she wants Julia to know she’s the reason she still has magic. She has a “seed” of power that came from Reynard, but now it’s hers. Julia is definitely not thrilled, but what’s she gonna do?

What a crazy episode! What’s going to happen to Kady in the mental ward? Will Eliot and Q’s relationship be forever changed because of their alternate life together?

Catch The Magicians Wednesdays on Syfy at 9pm!