“The Defenders” Episode Review: Take It to the Top

In a standout episode of “The Defenders,” our four heroes finally collide in “Worst Behavior,” as Jessica discovers Matt’s secret, Luke vows to make things right for the imprisoned Cole, and Danny plots to discover the Hand’s true purpose in New York.

The episode begins with a flashback detailing Elektra’s resurrection by the Hand. Turns out they removed all traces of Elektra from her, leaving only the murderous Black Sky. And Alexandra seems to have a very personal connection to Elektra and is very interested in seeing her succeed. And by succeed, we mean killing a lot of people.

Elsewhere, Luke and Danny are properly introduced after Claire realizes that they are both fighting the same fight. Naturally, Luke doesn’t want anything to do with the battle against the Hand and sets out to talk to the imprisoned Cole’s mother, only for her to get a call that Cole committed suicide in jail.

Danny, meanwhile, makes the breathtakingly stupid decision to travel to the Hand’s shadow company’s headquarters in Midland Circle to confront the leaders of the Hand. Seriously, what was his game plan here? Try to reason with the insane killers? Let them know he’s back in town and be on his merry way? Fight his way out of it? Turns out, he has to fight as Alexandra reveals that they’ve been waiting for him and an army of Hand fighters swarm in on Danny.

Luke bursts in and helps Danny out, while downstairs, Jessica arrives at the building as part of her investigation and Matt follows her there. Matt hears the battle upstairs and he and Jessica arrive as all four heroes fight their way through a hallway (natch) of fighters.

“Worst Behavior” was a fantastic reward for the buildup fans have been waiting through for the last few years. The idea of bringing all the heroes together by chance is a cool one and the finale fight is among the best the Netflix world has delivered, even if it wasn’t one long shot.

“The Defenders” is now streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix