“The Defenders” Episode Review: Finish the Fight

In an underwhelming prelude to “The Defenders’s” final battle, “Fish in the Jailhouse” saw Luke, Matt and Jessica confined to the police station, under suspicion for recent events. Elektra tries to convince Danny to help her goals, while Colleen takes a stand.

Following Stick’s death at the hands of Elektra, the police arrive and arrest Jessica, Matt and Luke, thinking that they killed him. The biggest problem with this plot turn is that it’s simply a waste of time and an excuse to get the three of them away from the action for an hour. This is just an inconvenience for our heroes. Even worse, Misty is the one leading the charge against the threesome, which not only negates her character and makes viewers not like her, but surely Misty of all people would understand the special circumstances here!

Anyway, Foggy covertly gives Matt his Daredevil costume in an effort to help him escape and he, Jessica and Luke get away and ride the subway in a pretty funny scene. While that’s going on, Colleen finds Raymond’s plans for the demolition of Midland Circle and makes off with the plans and the explosives.

Elektra takes Danny down to the pit at the bottom of Midland Circle, revealing a sealed door. She tells him that only the Iron Fist can open the door, but Danny refuses to open it and fights her, as Matt, Jessica and Luke battle the remaining members of the Hand with Colleen’s help.

Colleen informs the Defenders to the plan to bomb the building, leaving the group with a moral dilemma: Blow up a building in heavily populated Hell’s Kitchen, or let the Hand escape? While the team wrestles with what to do, Elektra tricks Danny into opening the door, revealing the skeleton of a dragon.

“Fish in the Jailhouse” was a frustrating episode, seeing as this is the last episode before the no-expense-spared finale. With a head scratching plot turn of getting our heroes in prison, it was the weakest point of the eight-epsidoe series.

“The Defenders” is now streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/Netflix