“The Defenders” Season Finale Review: The Way the World Ends

“The Defenders” comes to a thunderous and intense conclusion with the aptly named episode “The Defenders.” As the Hand sets their final endgame into motion, the Defenders must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice to take them down for good. Matt tries to get through to Elektra, while Colleen must face her former master, Bakuto.

After a frustrating prelude, this finale certainly wasted no time getting down to business. This was essentially one big fight scene that delivered the action filled promise of the series. Colleen fought Bakuto in a battle to the death, with Claire and Misty lending a hand- in Misty’s case, quite literally as Bakuto sliced her arm off, because that’s what Marvel does now, apparently. But Colleen overpowered Bakuto and decapitated him.

Matt, Luke and Jessica descended into the pit to team up with Danny to fight tons of Hand fighters, including Elektra. Oh, and a rap song starts playing during this fight, because why not? With everyone down except for Elektra, the group starts to haul ass before Colleen’s bombs go off, but Matt stand behind, whispering something to Danny before he leaves.

Matt and Elektra have an emotional final fight as the building comes down around them, killing Madame Gao and the rest of the Hand. Matt and Elektra embrace for the last time as the dust buries them alive, in a scene reminiscent of the ending to “Rogue One.” As the rest of the team watches Midland Circle crumble to dust, Danny reveals that Matt told him to protect New York and he had no intention of making it out alive.

We get a wrap up of sorts, as Luke and Jessica finally patch things up, Jessica reopens Alias Investigations, Danny and Colleen vow to continue what Matt started, and Trish reveals that the Defenders refused to take credit for saving New York. Foggy and Karen are devastated after Matt’s death and Karen can’t even write Matt’s obituary in fear of someone figuring out his secret identity. But wait! A bloody and bruised Matt is seen coming to in a bedroom, overseen by a nun.

“The Defenders” fulfilled the grand promise of the series with tons of action and emotion and a few surprises along the way. While this crossover was far from perfect, it still provided plenty of nerdgasm moments and created a world of possibilities for the future.

“The Defenders” is now streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/Netflix