“The Defenders” Episode Review: The People That We Love

“The Defenders” slows down again in “Take Shelter,” in which Luke captures Sowande, a top member of the Hand, as the team tries to get information from him. The group fights to protect the ones they love, while Alexandra faces an unexpected complication.

The episode picks up with the Defenders fighting hordes of Hand soldiers, including a battle between Matt and Elektra in which Elektra fails to kill Matt. Luke gets captured by Sowande, one of the top members of the Hand, but mere minutes later, turns up with Sowande incapacitated.

While Stick holds Sowande captive, Matt, Jessica, Luke and Danny move to get their friends into protection, leading to a tense confrontation between Matt and Karen as Matt confesses that he is once again becoming Daredevil. Jessica tries to save Trish from being taken out by the Hand, but Daredevil himself comes to save the day, much to Trish’s surprise.

Sowande also reveals to the group that the Hand wants the Iron Fist alive for some sinister, unknown purpose. Before he can reveal more, Stick up and decapitates Sowande, much to the team’s horror. Finally, Elektra leaves the Hand’s base and breaks into Matt’s apartment, laying in his bed.

“Take Shelter,” while light on action, was necessary seeing as our heroes are gearing up for the final battle. With three episodes left, it promises to get more intense from here on out.

“The Defenders” is now streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Jessica Miglio/Netflix