Polaris & Other Mutants of Marvel’s “The Gifted”

Over the last few decades, the “X-Men” comic books have introduced thousands of diverse and powerful mutant characters to the comic book world. The “X-Men” film series brought several of them to life, played by some of the best actors working today.

Now, with a new X-focused Fox series, “The Gifted,” on the way, more mutants are becoming part of the X-World. Here’s a breakdown of some of the leads of the series and their comic-book counterparts.

Blink/Clarice Ferguson | Teleporting mutant Blink first appeared in 1994 in “X-Men: Alpha” and ultimately met her end defending the next generation of X-Men. She reemerged in 2001 in the comic series, “Exiles,” in which pink skinned Blink led a team of mutants to fix errors in time. In “The Gifted,” Clarice is played by “Big Hero 6” voice Jamie Chung and is rescued by the underground mutant society.

Polaris/Lorna Dane | Green haired magnetic manipulator Lorna was an early addition to X-Men ranks, having been captured by the villain Mesmero and freed by Iceman. Lorna later became romantically involved with Cyclops’s brother, Havok. In the series, Lorna, played by Emma Dumont, is not only without green hair, but she is romantically linked to the Mutant Underground’s leader, Eclipse (Sean Teale).

Thunderbird/John Proudstar | Another one of the first ever X-Men, Thunderbird first appeared in 1975 as a new addition to the ranks. His Native American heritage and superhuman strength made him a formidable fighter, but that didn’t save him from his death from an exploding plane. “The Gifted’s” rendition, played by Blair Redford, makes him an indispensable member of the Underground.

“The Gifted” premieres October 2 on Fox.

Photo Credit: Ryan Green/FOX