Scream: The L Word & Other Teasers from the Season 2 Premiere!

scream season one deaths

We are just moments away from the Season 2 premiere of Scream, and boy are we in for a wild ride! Season 2 begins on a high, happy note and ends in a very dark place. This season takes MTV’s slasher series to a whole new level! The twists are twistier, the scares are scarier, and the deaths are so much gorier!

OMFGTV had the chance to screen tonight’s premiere in advance and below we’ve included several teasers!

• Just like how the series premiere with Tyler and Nina’s death mirrored the opening sequence of the franchise’s first installment, the sophomore series opens up just as the second movie (Scream 2) did: at a movie theater.

• The whole gang is back together! They celebrate with a party welcoming Emma back home.

• The gang has been given a pretty awesome moniker.

• One individual in the gang begins to get continuous threats that get more and more menacing.

• It might be just us, but even the voice of the killer on the phone sounds scarier!

• Someone gets naked in a pool! We approve!

• The L word is uttered in a confession, and we swoon.

• Looks like Scream got a slight budget increase. The school in the first season looks to be the same used in The Secret Circle; the second season looks like the same school used in Star-Crossed.

• New, interesting characters are introduced, which can only mean one thing: more victims. Since the first season had only 6 major deaths, we’re hoping the introduction of these new characters will give season two a bigger body count.

• The series premiere felt like it had references to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw and another popular franchise. Will Leatherface and Jigsaw join the show? *wink*

• Noah’s obsessiveness with the murders begin to worry Audrey. Will she be made?


Scream Season 2 premieres Monday, May 30 on MTV.