MTV’s “Scream” Halloween Special is Two Hours of Bloody Fun!

From Murderville to Murder Island.

Tonight’s special 2-hour episode of Scream couldn’t have come at a better time. Halloween is right around the corner, and appropriately enough, the special — a continuation of Season 2 — is titled, “Halloween.”

scream-2-hour-special-214-1The remaining Lakewood survivors hope for some time away from all the recent murders and head out for a trip to Shallow Grove Island, nicknamed “Murder Island.” While there, they find themselves mixed up in a Lizzy Borden-esque legend, and quickly learn that the new locale they’ve come to may be even worse than what they’ve left behind.

“What could go wrong?” Emma asks them and they finish their descent onto Shallow Grove. Oh, if she only knew!

scream-2-hour-special-214-2The great thing about tonight’s special is that it works as a stand-alone movie. If you’ve never seen the MTV slasher series before, you’ll have no problem enjoying tonight’s episode. The show takes the gang to a new place with a new legend and a few interesting new characters.

New relationships and an unlikely partnership is revealed in “Halloween.” These will most likely be continued and explored in the series’ upcoming season.

Horror fans will see homages to Jeepers Creepers and the first three Scream movies! Not only that, but we’re getting major Harper’s Island vibes, which we just can’t get enough of!

The murders in the special outnumber the deaths in the season’s first 12 episodes alone! It’s a surprising feat to accomplish considering these are just two episodes. Following the more grisly, gory deaths in Season 2, “Halloween” continues that with pretty crazy kill scenes!

The first five minutes is really intense! The last five seconds is one hell of a cliffhanger!

Tonight’s return of Scream is fun, terrifying and has all the ingredients of a great horror movie, with most of the story self-contained, it even feels like one. Fans and new viewers alike will enjoy the special– and it’s a great entree into Season 3.

Scream the 2-hour “Halloween” special airs tonight at 9pm on MTV.