Go Behind the Scenes of MTV’s “Scream” Killer Party Promo

mtv-scream-killer-party-teaser-behind-the-scenesJust how did MTV manage to pull off the EPIC “Killer Party” promo for its anticipated TV adaptation of the horror franchise, Scream?

Vulture got the scoop from MTV senior vice-president for creative Joe Ortiz.

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Directed by Patrick Cummings with music by Rilo Kiley, the trailer was “shot over a single weekend, Saturday and Sunday, in Los Angeles,” Ortiz tells the outlet. “The longest part of each day was loading all the blood. We had gallons.

“It was one big bloodbath of actors,” he adds. “We had five together on set on Saturday, and the other seven on Sunday. The spot is actually just two continuous takes stitched together. Strangely, everyone was a pro at playing dead. Although Johnny Bananas broke a couple times.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below and watch for the :54 second mark to see where the second continuous shot begins!

Don’t miss the Scream series premiere June 30th on MTV.