Scream: OMFGTV Ranks the Deaths from Season One!

scream season one deaths


The great thing about slasher movies is watching the many great, gory ways victims meet their fate. While MTV’s Scream wasn’t quite creative with its kills, a lot of the deaths still captured our attention. The inaugural season had just six major deaths. We’ve listed them below in order of how much it affect us.

mtv-scream-season-one-deaths-tylerHEAD START | TYLER
The Lakewood murders on the MTV slasher series began in no time with Tyler’s death getting a “head” start. Though his actual death occurred off screen, the evidence of his offing was enough to give some a headache. After a brief back and forth via text message with Nina, a final message, “Heads Up,” was sent just seconds before Tyler’s decapitated head was launched into Nina’s hot tub. Because we hardly knew Tyler and because his death was not shown, he is #6 on our list.

mtv-scream-season-one-deaths-ninaDEADPOOL | NINA
While Nina’s death wasn’t as horrific or iconic as Drew Barrymore’s Casey from the franchise’s original installment, her death was a great way to set the tone of the show. After discovering Tyler’s head, Nina scrambles out of the hot tub and runs to her (empty — save for her dog) house to ask for help. The masked killer strikes her in the back and slashes her throat. Moments later, her lifeless body is thrown into her pool like a ragdoll. We were hoping her character would be taunted more by the killer before taking her last breath, but it all happened so fast, which is why we’re giving her death #5.

mtv-scream-season-one-deaths-rachelHANGING OUT | RACHEL
Though we barely got to know her, Rachel’s death was indeed a sad one. We loved her relationship with Audrey and wanted it to be explored more. We got to see her darkest demons when we saw that her arm had been sliced by razors and like to think that Audrey helped keep her in good spirits. It was sad to watch the killer posing as Audrey and lure her outside, wrap the noose around her neck and throw her over her second story balcony. We already felt bad for Rachel even before she died, and the way she went was pretty bad, so she’s #4 on our list.

mtv-scream-season-one-deaths-clarkHE’S GOT GUTS | CLARK HUDSON
His absence at the school’s Halloween Party raised a red flag to Maggie. It became apparent why he hadn’t been picking up his phone when a live feed of him appeared on a screen near the dance floor. The disoriented sheriff was seen bloodied and tied around a tree. When Maggie found out where he had been tied up, she rushed to his rescue and to relieve him of his restraints. “Something’s not right,” Clark told her as she began to unravel the ropes. Little did she know that the ropes were keeping him alive. As she unbound him, out spewed all of his insides. It was pretty messed up and also very clever. We’re ranking his death a #3.

mtv-scream-season-one-deaths-rileySTAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT | RILEY
Out of all the deaths this season, Riley’s was the hardest one to accept. We loved her bright and bubbly personality, and watching her new relationship with Noah flourish with undeniable chemistry was extremely fun to watch. After narrowly escaping the hands of the killer, Riley managed to climb up to the top of the police station, but not before being stabbed on the side and on her inner thigh. She climbed to the center of the rooftop when Noah called via Facetime. Their last conversation had her turning over and staring up at the cloudless sky that the pair had previously marveled over. “I can see our stars,” she said with a faint smile on her face before taking her last breath. She died while on the phone with Noah. We like to think that she passed while holding onto him. Riley’s death was the saddest, which makes hers #2 on our list.

mtv-scream-season-one-deaths-willSPLITTING UP | WILL
Will’s death was a BIG shocker and one that we did not see coming at all! With him surviving the previous episodes along with his history with Emma, we for sure thought the two of them were going to make it to the very end. We even began to see a reconciliation in their relationship after Will’s capture in the bowling alley. His final moments were of him being strapped down to a chair, which was an homage to Casey’s boyfriend’s death from the first Scream movie. It was Emma’s tripping of a cord that made the giant spiraling machine behind him descend down onto him effectively tearing into his body and splitting him in half. The way in which he died in addition to the amount of his blood that splattered onto Emma’s face combined with the aftermath visual of his opened body makes this kill our #1!

Which death hit you the most? What was your favorite kill? Let us know in the comments below!

Scream Season 2 premieres Monday, May 30 on MTV.