The Shannara Chronicles’ Ivana Baquero on Her “Bad-Ass” Character Eretria

*Editors Note: The interview piece below originally ran in support of the series’ first season that aired on MTV. Shannara has since moved to Spike where it will make its network premiere (starting with Season 1) on June 29 at 11pm.

mtv shannara chronicles ivana baquero eretria

She just has a big heart.

A few months ago, OMFGTV had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with the beautiful, young cast of MTV’s epic fantasy series, The Shannara Chronicles. Among them was 21-year-old Ivana Baquero, who spoke about her Human Rover character, Eretria.

mtv-shannara-chronicles-ivana-baquero-eretria“My character, she’s one of the few humans in the four lands,” Baquero tells us. “The story takes place in the future where most human kind has been extinguished. I’m part of a group and they’re thieves. They’re a nomadic group that goes around– they really don’t have a good reputation. She’s from the wrong side of the tracks, basically.”

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She explains that Eretria comes from a very tough background where she’s had to learn how to survive and how to gain respect from her clan. How she learned to take care of herself, viewers will learn early on in the season.

“In the first episode, you’ll see how bad-ass she is,” she previews. “She’s kind of selfish and that’s how she’s learned to survive, and be ruthless, but she just has a big heart and at the end of the day she just wants a better life for herself and it’s her journey and you guys will see slowly — little by little — how she starts growing and how she starts seeing new horizons.”

Part of Ivana’s real-life journey, however, is her transition from film to television. And while she’s worked previously on big-budget, fantastical films, The Shannara Chronicles is a whole new beast for the Barcelona native.

“I have been in many genre movies and fantasy films including Pan’s Labyrinth, where there’s a lot of visual effects, a lot of fantasy going on, a lot of green screen. But I’ve definitely never been on a project where it’s just such a big degree, so amazing, so groundbreaking. So to me, I’m a newbie at this basically.”

After watching the first trailer for Shannara at the San Diego Comic-Con and picking up our jaws from the floor, we asked Baquero what she thought. To no surprise, her sentiment echoed ours. “It looks like a movie trailer!”

It’s going to be epic!

The Shannara Chronicles premieres Tuesday, January 5 at 10pm on MTV.