“Sweet/Vicious” Episode ‘Back to Black’ Preview | Jules Struggles With What Has Happened To Her

In tonight’s all new episode of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious we see how Jules (Eliza Bennett)  is really dealing with the aftermath of her rape. MTV provided OMFGTV with a screener of tonight’s episode, “Back to Black” so we could get you excited for the episode!

Everyone needs an Ophelia in their life | Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) proves she is a true friend time and time again, and tonight’s episode is no exception. She is there for Jules when Jules needs her most. OMFGTV briefly spoke with the show’s creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, and  she teased that tonight’s episode features an “unreal” moment between Jules and Ophelia, and adds “it’s one of my favorites in the whole season.”

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Kennedy Calls Nate Out | Kennedy (Aisha Dee) isn’t sure who to believe, her best friend or her boyfriend? She confronts Nate (Dylan McTee) with her doubts after a night of partying with him, and he tries to ease those doubts. Will she be swayed by his good looks and charm, or will she see through his act and realize what he’s done?

Does Jules get hurt, or go too far? | Jules actress Eliza Bennett has posted pictures from the episode on twitter and she is covered in blood. Jules and Ophelia take down another campus rapist, but things don’t go quite to plan. Does Jules get hurt, or is that blood the result of a thorough ass kicking done by Jules? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Be sure to catch MTV’s super important show Sweet/Vicious Tuesday’s at 10pm!