Sweet/Vicious Exclusive: Jenn Kaytin Robinson Previews Intense 2-Hour Finale

MTV’s new dark comedy Sweet/Vicious is about two college girls who become vigilantes to take down campus rapists and all-around kick ass. OMFGTV was honored to chat with the shows creator, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, about this weeks upcoming 2 episode finale and about all the amazing music used in the show.

Obviously Jenn couldn’t give too much away about this Tuesday’s epic 2-episode finale, but she was able to tell us that Jules (Eliza Bennett) will report her rape to the school in episode 9, titled “An Innocent Man”. “We show the trial,” says Jenn, “And what you get out of that, and what we see for Jules, is that at first she thinks, ‘this can all be over.'” But of course it’s not that simple, otherwise there wouldn’t be another episode following it.

Jenn also shared her thoughts on the way the season ends without giving away any spoilers. According to her, the finale ends in a way that “feels bigger,” like they are “expanding” on the story. “You can see the future, the next chapter of the show, while also giving you a satisfying ending to our story in case we don’t come back.” Jenn is extremely proud of the ending, saying “I think it’s the most perfect ending we could possibly have this season, and we open the door to endless possibilities for season 2.”

Be sure to catch the thrilling season finale of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious Tuesday at 10pm!