“Sweet/Vicious” Exclusive: Eliza Bennett Teases the Last Three Episodes of the Season

There are only three episodes left in this first season of Sweet/Vicious and it looks like we’ve reached Jules’ (Eliza Bennett) darkest point. She has confronted her rapist but lost almost everyone she cares about in the process. OMFGTV had the chance to chat with Eliza Bennett about the show and got a few hints for the rest of the season.

As we saw in episode seven, Jules may not be quite as ‘fine’ as she wants everyone else to believe she is. By her side through and through however, is Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) who, up until this point, has been sort of her emotional rock. It looks like we may see that unravel a bit in the next few weeks according to Bennett.

“It’s a bumpy road for both of them and we dig into Ophelia’s kind of darkness that she has with anxiety and depression,” Bennett tells us. “That’s definitely something that we dig into in the season as well.” Hopefully we will get to see them continue to support each other and stand by each other even when the world seems to be against them.

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Never fear, our favorite vigilantes will be back before the season closes, just maybe a little different than they were at the start but still strong, supportive friends. “[In episodes nine and ten] we get Jules and Ophelia fully back into vigilante squad mode. So that’s good to see them back in slightly healthier form and more driven than ever. Nine and ten end on a high bar for their friendship just female empowerment in general,” Bennett says.

It will be nice to see the pair back in the vigilante shoes (or masks) and Bennett says both she and Taylor Dearden really enjoyed the stunt work these characters allowed them to tackle (no pun intended). “It was really nice to work with a stunt team where I got to kick ass rather than just being the one that was just being saved by some burly man. Taylor and I had so much fun training on that show and if we get a season two I know that is something we’re going to be massively looking forward to again.”

If you missed Bennett’s reflections on episodes six and seven be sure to check those out and stay tuned for the rest of our chat with her where she shares how she researched and prepared for this role and some fun stories from set! In the meantime, be sure to tune in to Sweet/Vicious Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV!