Sweet/Vicious: Top 10 OMFG Moments From Season 1!

MTV’s new dark comedy Sweet/Vicious epic first season may have ended, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to forget about it! OMFGTV has compiled a list of the top 10 OMFG moments to help ease your aching hearts:

10. Episode 1- Jules and Ophelia ‘defy gravity’ | Just moments after Ophelia kills Carter, who was trying to kill Jules, the two have their first bonding moment while belting Wicked’s ‘Defying Gravity’. This scene sets the tone for the dark comedy for the rest of the season, and is probably one of the most iconic scenes of the series.

9. Episode 2- “The Wall” is introduced | And no, we don’t mean Trump’s wall, but the wall in a bathroom where girls have written the names of all the guys who have sexually assaulted them. This wall is what brings Darlington’s vigilante duo to life. Jules and Ophelia let the wall be their guide for who to take down.

8. Episode 7- Jules’ rape | We’re aware from the beginning of the season¬†that Jules was raped by Nate, but it’s not until episode 7 that we find out all the gritty details. The rape wasn’t violent or overly aggressive, but it was still deeply disturbing and difficult to watch because it was so real. But it was also very important to show that not all rapes are violent and aggressive.

7. Episode 7- The Aftermath | Not only does episode 7 show us Jules’ rape, but it also shows how she dealt with it. It shows her confusions and uncertainty, she turns to google to try to figure out if she’d really been raped. Once she finally admits to herself that she was assaulted she gets a rape kit done, but she goes through the whole process alone. She doesn’t tell anyone other than the doctors what happened.

6. Episode 6- Jules confronts Nate | Jules finally gathers the courage to confront Nate about what he did to her. She puts her hand over his mouth and forces him to listen while she tells him what he has taken from her and how it has impacted her life. This is one of the most well written and acted scenes in the entire show.

5. Episode 9- Ophelia is ready to turn herself in | Ophelia finds out Harris could get in trouble for withholding information about the vigilante, so in her most selfless act, she decides to turn herself in to the DA. She was willing to take responsibility for the whole vigilante thing to protect her friend, luckily she doesn’t have to.

4. Episode 8- Kennedy and Jules’ friendship is restored | After Ophelia confronts Kennedy, and Nate shows his true colors, Kennedy finally believes Jules. She finds her in the library and tells her she needs to report Nate, then she tells her the most important message this show tells, “You deserve to be heard.”

3. Episode 10- Miles becomes a double agent | In one of the biggest twists of the season, Miles teams up with the vigilantes! He realizes what Nate has done, and what part he himself played in it, and not only apologizes, but also helps them take him down.

2. Episode 9- Schools care more about athletes than their female population | Episode 9 shows the Title IX hearing, and shows that the board finds Nate guilty. Good news, right? Well, it would be if the President of the school didn’t overturn the ruling because Nate is a huge football star. This was the most frustrating moment of the entire show, and is something that creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson wanted to include because this really happens. All the time.

1. Episode 10- Nate. Goes. Down. | Thanks to Miles’ secret video footage, the whole school finds out what Nate did. Now everyone knows that Nate raped Jules, and that he thinks he can get with any girl, because, “I’m Nate Griffin. If I want it, I’m gonna take it.” Not anymore, Buddy. Justice for Jules!

If there’s a moment you thought was shocking that didn’t make our list, let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to let MTV know that you want a second season of this incredible show, get #RenewSweetVicious trending!