Episode Titles Revealed for First Two Episodes of “Teen Wolf” Season Six

We are a little over a month away from Teen Wolf‘s sixth and final season, and OMFGTV has uncovered the episode titles of the first two installments.

Airing on Tuesday, November 15, the MTV supernatural series will premiere with the episode titled, “Memory Lost.” The following week, on November 22, the drama continues with episode two, “Superposition.”

In the series’ final episodes, Scott (Tyler Posey) and friends will battle a whole new breed of villains in the form of Ghost Riders.

“I think it’s a great idea and a great myth for the season,” Teen Wolf boss Jeff Davis says of the Ghost Riders. “It’s very integral to the plot– the machinations of what happens with our relationships especially between Scott and Styles, Lydia and Styles, Malia and Styles, makes them realize what their connections between each other are. And they look really cool!”

“These [Ghost Riders] are definitely scarier visually,” adds titular star Tyler Posey. “They’re definitely more intimidating; they’re just more interesting. It was really cool to work with horses on set. There were a lot of times where we almost got trampled– it was a lot of fun. Almost dying is always fun.”

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The 20-episode final season of Teen Wolf premieres Tuesday, November 15 on MTV.