Is NBC’s “Grimm” Hiding Another Family Secret?

Grimm 5x06 Wesen Nacht

“How did she know to come here?”

That’s the question that has been lingering in some fans’ minds when an injured Trubel (a.k.a. Theresa Rubel) showed up at Nick and Adalind’s secret loft, on NBC’s Grimm.

One theory that has been floating around, is that Nick and Trubel are related and could even be brother and sister! Could it be that their possible shared bloodline combined with Trubel’s increasing Grimm powers is what led her to Nickalind’s not-so-stealth hiding spot?

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Remember that car scene with Nick’s mother and Adalind’s new-born baby in the passenger seat levitating the keychain rattle? One fan even suggested that maybe that rattle first belonged to Theresa!

nbc-grimm-david-giuntoli-jacqueline-toboni-brother-sisterTonight’s installment of Grimm, titled “Wesen Natcht,” will shed some light on Trubel’s whereabouts from when she was taken. And since the episode is also the fall finale, a reveal that both Nick and Trubel are related would make a good cliffhanger!

OMFGTV recently visited the Grimm set in Portland, and we asked Nick himself, David Giuntoli, about the pair’s great dynamic as well as the sibling theory.

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“Trubel’s fantastic,” Giuntoli tells us. “It’s totally like a brother/sister relationship on and off camera.”

So, could they be related? “I have no idea,” he says, “but that would be a really good storyline!”

We might be totally off base as to how Trubel found Nick. Maybe Sergeant Wu did some tech gadget wizardy and (im)planted a tracker on baby Kelly, or something.

What do you guys think? Would it be awesome if it turned out that they were siblings? And would you like to see that played out some time on the show, if not tonight, sometime later in the season or series? Let us know in the comments below!

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm on NBC.

Photo Credit: Scott Green/NBC