“Grimm” EP Norberto Barba Teases “Really Bad” Death, Our List of Possible Victims


It’s been a little over 4 years now since NBC’s supernatural drama Grimm first made its debut. Now nearing the halfway mark of its fifth season and its monumental 100th episode, the series has yet to make a big move and kill off a major character.

Sure, Juliette “died” at the close of the Season 4 finale, but with Bitsie Tulloch still a series regular, we’re not counting her as gone.

OMFGTV visited the Portland set in October and spoke with Executive Producer Norberto Barba, who told us that a death is coming.

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“There’s somebody who dies in a really bad way,” Barba teased. “But I can’t tell you who.” When asked if the death in question involved one of the leads, Barba responded, “I can’t say.”

And while he didn’t share any more information about the character’s identity, he did reveal that the death “happens right before the 100th episode.”

Tonight’s Grimm installment, “Key Move,” is the series’ 99th. With a death looming closer and closer, we’ve compiled our own list of characters whose episode tonight might be their last.

Why He Might Die: We can’t get enough of Bud. And with him rarely being on the show, there simply isn’t enough of him! He pretty much steals every scene that he’s in. Because he not featured much, his death could easily be written into the show. Though he’s not a regular cast member, his death will still be a hard one to accept.
Why He Might Not Die: Bud brings so much comic relief to the show, and his portrayer Danny Bruno is as nice and charming in person as he is on TV. For the same reason listed above, that could also mean that it would be easy to keep him on the show and bring him back for another appearance. Plus we still haven’t met his wife and kids!

Why She Might Die: Rosalee’s another character whose death will be painful for viewers to grapple with. She makes Monroe happy and they have yet to start a cute Wesen family! Her death at the hands of Black Claw would bring out the dark side of Monroe that we’ve only seen once before and motivate him even more to go after them.
Why She Might Not Die: She runs the Exotic Spice & Tea Shop, for goodness sakes! After her brother died, who else but her could provide that kind of expertise to the other members of the Scooby Gang? Sure, Monroe is learning, but healing is better with a woman’s touch. Plus, she speaks multiple languages! And we want Monroe and Rosalee to have a baby so Nick can be an uncle. 🙂

Why He Might Die: Yes, Meisner played a big role in saving Adalind and baby Kelly, and was a big part of bringing Juliette Eve back to life. But truthfully, if he died, I wouldn’t miss him. He just hasn’t had much character development, so we barely know anything about him. Plus this could open up the story for Eve to take Meisner’s spot in Hadrian’s Wall.
Why He Might Not Die: We’ve seen little by little his interest in Adalind. We want to see that played out! Sure, the possibility of a relationship between Adalind and Meisner will not be taken well by the “Nadalind” shippers, but it would be fun to see him be a distraction for Adalind for a while. I’ll probably get a lot of heat for this, but in a perfect world, for me at least, Juliette comes back and marries Nick, and Adalind and Meisner get together.

Why She Might Die: It’s no doubt that Jacqueline Toboni has a big presence and has been a welcome addition to the show. Toboni’s Trubel has recurred in nearly every episode since her first appearance in Season 3. The big question is why hasn’t she been made a series regular yet? Could it possibly be because she won’t be on the show for much longer?
Why She Might Not Die: Ever since Trubel’s introduction, we’ve loved her. She’s a tough, bad-ass chick! We LOVE strong women who can kick ass! She brought a much-needed boost to the show and it’s been fun watching her dynamic with the rest of the Scooby Squad. We feel there’s still much more to her story. She did mention that her name could be in one of the books with the Grimms’ family trees. We’re just waiting for that to possibly reveal she’s somehow related to Nick.

Why She Might Die: While Eve might be a Bitch with a capital “B,” her bitchiness has toned down a lot and it’s been less harder to hate the woman. Eve’s death will make it easier for Nick’s relationship with Adalind to continue. But for our selfish reasons alone, we think/hope Eve will die and in turn somehow miraculously re-resurrect(lol) Juliette.
Why She Might Not Die: As long as Eve is alive, Juliette doesn’t exist. And the cast and executive producers of the show have said numerous times that “Juliette is dead.”

Why She Might Die: It would be pretty messed up if they killed a mother of two, especially since she has yet to be reunited with her first born, Diana. That would be a painful shocker if that did end up happening, so it would be quite a twist if they went in that direction.
Why She Might Not Die: Again, it would be pretty messed up if they killed a mother of two, especially since she has yet to be reunited with her first born, Diana. Adalind’s been growing on us and we love seeing her all happy with Nick & company. Plus we want to see if anything happens with her and Meisner!

nbc-grimm-death-sean-renardCAPTAIN SEAN RENARD
Why He Might Die: Captain Sean Renard wasn’t even on our radar until we read the synopsis for the episode. “Black Claw makes a deadly move that will send Portland into disarray.” Sounds to us like Renard could be the target of the deadly move that this is speaking of.
Why He Might Not Die: He’s one of the good guys! He also has lots of ties to a lot of the other characters. Lastly, he just started a new relationship, and we’re wanting to see that blossom.

As Norberto Barba said, he couldn’t say if tonight’s death is of a main character, so one or none of the people listed above could be in jeopardy. However, with at least 10 more episodes to go for the season, there’s still ample time for one to get killed off. *Gasp!*

Now we turn it to you. In tonight’s episode, who do you think will die, who do you want to die, and who do you not want to die? Are y/our favorites safe? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm on NBC.

Photo Credit: Scott Green/NBC