“Grimm” Cast & Executive Producer Talk Juliette’s Death & Possible Return

I’m not ashamed to say that when Juliette died in last season’s finale of NBC’s Grimm, I was a hot mess. I cried my eyes out for a good ten-to-fifteen minutes after the episode ended. “She was totally innocent.. and Nick was told to leave her but he kept by her side because he loved her and he was going to make it work!” I said to myself with my face buried in my hands.

When OMFGTV visited the Portland set last fall, we spoke with the cast and Executive Producer about Juliette’s death and possible return.

EP Norberto Barba helmed the episode, titled “Cry Havoc,” and shot Juliette’s death. “It was a sad day on the set,” he tells us. “It was very emotional for all of us because we were all together for so long.”

Juliette’s protrayer, Bitsie Tulloch, says she loved playing the part of Nick’s better half for four seasons. “I’m really happy to have shot 89 episodes as Juliette,” she says.

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Of course the cast kept mum on the subject of her return, but one cast member in particular did hint that Tulloch was still working on set.

“I can’t say Juliette’s ever going to be back like that,” leading man David Giuntoli says. “There will be no “Juliette.” Juliette’s dead.”

In the fall finale of the supernatural drama, it was finally revealed that it was she who was shrieking and being held in the cell in the season premiere– the same shrieks were heard right before the unveiling of her blonde bob.

That’s right! Bitsie Tulloch is back and from what the episode synopsis for the winter premiere tells us, “not everything is as it seems.”

Either way, shape or form (it’s been confirmed that she returns as “Eve”), we’re thrilled that Bitsie is back on the show! And it looks like she got her wish, telling us that if she were to return, she’d want to be “just like a super, super, extra bad-ass.”

Playing dark is very exciting for the actress, saying she “got to play a couple characters on the same TV show which doesn’t always happen, so that was definitely very fun.”

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Since I’m a hopeless romantic, I asked Tulloch if by way of some miracle Juliette were to come back, would her relationship with Nick go back to what it once was?

“I think so,” she says. “I feel like if it’s really true love then nothing will keep it down.” Not even baby Kelly?! “I don’t even like watching those scenes!” she says with a laugh. “As Juliette, I’m like, ‘That should have been my baby!'”

I’m hoping that Nick and Juliette (sans Eve) are endgame. And with a show that breaks all the rules, we’re not ruling out her full-fledged return.

“It’s Grimm,” Barba teases. “So you never know.”

Grimm “Eve of Destruction” airs Friday, January 29, at 9pm on NBC.