Grimm’s Russell Hornsby Previews What’s to Come for Detective Hank Griffin

With NBC’s Grimm just days away from its sixth and final season, we wanted to know what’s coming up for the series’ lone, powerless human character Hank Griffin, whether or not his portrayer feels envious of his supernatural counterparts.

OMFGTV sat down with the man behind Hank Griffin, Russell Hornsby, to chat about Grimm‘s final chapter and more.

“Oh, no,” Hornsby tells us on if he’d like to be a Wesen or not. “Hank is steeped on the terraform of the real world, not the alternate universe. I think there needs to be someone who is fully grounded.”

He adds and jokes that “It’s bad for the neck having to wogue and do all that kind of stuff like that,” because when they wogue, his fellow co-stars have to constantly twist and turn their heads in the process.

For Hank Griffin, Hornsby says that the truncated season’s thirteen episodes will be “much more of the same” and that a new love interest is not in the plans.

“I’m there to be helpful to Nick and the guys,” he says. “I once again washed my hands of women for a while. I don’t need any more relationships. I’m going to stop paying attention to the sheets. We just get back to work and just have fun and sort of see what adventures lie ahead.”

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Hank’s last relationship — if you can really call it that — was with Zuri Ellis, played by the beautiful Sharon Leal. We wanted to know what it was like reuniting with Leal, a good friend of his, for the show.

“It was fantastic!” Hornsby exclaims. “She’s great! Sharon is a professional. She’s really talented and she’s fun. We’ve worked together for over a number of years. We find a way to get to have fun and act silly, which is really great. You sort of come to work everyday with just a sense of play because you know the work and you know what you’re going to do, so now we’ll just have fun doing it.”

We couldn’t quite recall if Zuri Ellis died last season, but if she did, Hornsby doesn’t rule out her possible return to cause more mayhem. “Anything can happen! Who really dies?”

As for where we’ll find Detective Griffin this season, Hornsby tells us he’ll be by Nick’s (David Giuntoli) side.

“I’m here to support my partner, I’m here to support my friend,” he says. “Now that I’m exposed to this world, I understand what it is. He makes a decision, he goes for it, and I’ll support him and I’ll back him up because this is what we do, this is our world, this is our truth.”

Grimm Season 6 premieres Friday, January 6, at 8pm on NBC.

Photo Credit: Michael Muller, Scott Green/NBC