“Midnight, Texas” Exclusive: Showrunner Monica Owusu-Breen Previews ‘Bad Moon Rising’

It’s Midnight Monday, which means an all-new installment of the new supernatural drama Midnight, Texas airs tonight on NBC. We at OMFGTV hit up series showrunner Monica Owusu-Breen to gather some juicy intel on what to expect from “Bad Moon Rising,” which she describes as being a “romantic, fun, fast paced monster-movie of an episode.”

In the series opener, angel Joe Strong (Jason Lewis) took a big risk in possibly exposing the town of its supernatural creatures by flying out in the open and in broad daylight. Owusu-Breen tells us that the tattoo artist took that risk “because something is worrying him. He’s scared. We learn in episode 102 what Joe is afraid of.”

For Midnight’s newcomer Manfred (François Arnaud), being introduced to Joe and the other town’s outsiders doesn’t phase him one bit. As a psychic medium, he’s used to dealing with the supernatural and the dead — his grandmother Xylda (Joanne Camp) being one of them. Because of his ability to communicate with those on the other side, he’s perfect for assisting in Aubrey’s murder investigation. How he gets his insight, however, takes a toll on his well-being.

“As we saw in the pilot, Manfred is vulnerable to being hijacked by spirits,” Owusu-Breen says. ” It’s not fun for him. It makes him sick. It can be very dangerous. But Manfred’s willing to put himself in harms way in order to help the Midnighters get answers.”

Manfred is also helping the Roca Fria Sheriff’s Department get answers, first by correctly leading them to the murder weapon. But even after this discovery, Sheriff Livingston (Sean Bridgers) is still hesitant and skeptical of the psychic.

“Livingston doesn’t believe in magic,” she says. “Or talking to ghosts. Or witches. And yet, in the pilot he saw things he can’t explain. And so — while hesitant, there is part of him that’s starting to question his own assumptions. And maybe he is starting to believe in Manfred’s abilities…”

While Manfred assists with the investigation, he seeks help of his own and turns to Fiji when his home is infested with dark forces. She performs a cleanse on Manfred’s new home to make it inhospitable to the dead. Unfortunately for the witch, things don’t go according to plan.

“Fiji’s more than happy to help Manfred clear his house of ghosts,” says the showrunner. “However when she performs an exorcism, she realizes that there’s a lot more than just angry ghosts in Manfred’s home. And one particularly evil and powerful supernatural threat sets it’s sights on Fiji.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Manfred sets his sights on Creek, and the pair “grows closer as they try and outrun a beast that’s trying to kill them.”

“Bad Moon Rising” will also reveal more about the Midnighters themselves (especially the Rev) and their surprising relationships with each other. Also, keep your eyes on Manfred’s landlord played by Dylan Bruce. Owusu-Breen says “there’s a lot more to Bobo than just being a sweet Pawn Shop owner.”

And be sure to stick around to the end of the episode, where the story of the series intensifies in a surprising way. “We end the first episode believing that the main story will be the murder of Aubrey,” she says. “But in the second episode we learn it’s a much greater evil that the Midnighters will be facing this season.”

Midnight, Texas, “Bad Moon Rising,” airs tonight at 10pm on NBC.