“The Originals” Episode Review: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

This week on “The Originals,” Klaus and Hayley make an alliance with Davina to stop the Hollow, but it just may come at the ultimate price. Elijah must put aside his differences with Marcel, while Alaric heads to New Orleans to help them.

“Voodoo in My Blood” showed off a much darker side of a fan favorite character. Yes, Davina is back and much more murderous now, as she tricks Hayley into nearly sacrificing Klaus to kill the Hollow. This was a true dark turn for Davina, but the final scene with her overhearing Marcel’s apology to her hints that she could see the error of her ways.

We also learned a lot more about the Hollow this week, discovering that it was the child of two powerful covens that created the first werewolves as a revenge for her death. This means that Hayley is descended from the lone pack that can kill the Hollow and that Hope’s powerful magic may be connected to it. And with Hope rescuing her father from certain death, could this mean the two witches will showdown in the finale?

“Voodoo in My Blood” was reminiscent of the Harvest reveal in season 1, in that it gave us backstory and shocking twists all in one. It also packed in some good character drama and action plus a substantial cliffhanger of Elijah getting stabbed. Killed? We’ll have to wait and see.

“The Originals” airs Fridays on The CW.

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW