“The Originals” Episode Review: Birth and Death

This week on “The Originals,” Sophia holds Elijah hostage, forcing the Mikaelsons to make a life or death decision that will change everything.

“Queen Death” tries to pull off a trick “The Originals” is known for: creating a hopeless situation resulting in the death of a series regular. This time, it’s Elijah on the chopping block, and to be quite honest, his “death”- it’s “The Originals” so we’ll see if this sticks- did not have the grand impact that it should. Unlike Cami’s death last season, Elijah was hardly a factor in this episode, making it less impactful when he seemingly dies. And also, Klaus, Hayley and Freya’s reactions to this were quite underplayed.

The debate as to whether or not they should let Elijah die to take down the Hollow was a good one, with a great moment from Vincent as he stood up to Freya, but it all seemed for naught when the Hollow was resurrected at the end of the episode. Fortunately, it looks like we’re going to get a cool villain for the last four episodes and, is it me, or did her crawling out of the tree remind anyone of “The Ring”?

“Queen Death” tried to amp up the stakes and didn’t deliver the goods. While it had great moments, this was an underwhelming episode that should’ve been packed with emotion and drama.

“The Originals” returns with new episodes Friday, June 2.

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW