“The Originals” Episode Review: Fighting for Love

Daniel Gillies directs this week’s episode of “The Originals” as Hayley and Freya must race against time to save Elijah’s soul from being destroyed. Rebekah and Kol return to New Orleans as Rebekah confronts Marcel and Kol faces a dilemma.

“Phantomesque” featured some trippy moments for the show as Freya and Hayley travelled inside Elijah’s mind, where they relived moments from past episodes while trying to find a place in Elijah’s mind where he would take refuge. Hayley was understandably troubled to discover that place was Elijah slaughtering a village, which clearly affected her. After all, is this what Elijah is deep down?

Elsewhere, Rebekah and Kol returned and each faced dilemmas. On the Rebekah front, she reunited with Marcel to find that he is fighting to resurrect Sophya and Freya tells her that they may have to kill Marcel to kill the Hollow. Speaking of which, the Hollow herself offered a deal to Kol: Pledge your allegiance to me or I kill Davina. Of course, if the Hollow dies, Davina dies too because the two are now linked. This show and its impossible situations…

“Phantomesque” was a solid, if not much else, episode. It would’ve been nice to get more of the Hollow, seeing as she’s the new big bad of the season. But with three episodes left, it’s time to start thinking about the big game plan.

“The Originals” airs Fridays on The CW.

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney /The CW