“The Originals” Episode Review: Back from the Dead

This week on “The Originals,” Hayley and Freya team up to take down the Hollow once and for all, while Kol must betray his own family to save Davina.

“A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken” set the pieces in place for the final confrontation of the season. Hayley managed to kill the Hollow and resurrect Elijah, but its spirit possessed Hope, making Hope the villain for the final two episodes. Seeing sweet innocent Hope as the ruthless villain, even if it’s for a brief time, will be heartbreaking and it should put Klaus and Hayley in a difficult position.

Speaking of, Hayley was faced with a murderous reincarnation of Jackson conjured by the Hollow and was understandably shaken by the ordeal. In the final scenes of the episode, she cryptically says that she knows what she has to do to keep Hope innocent. Is she planning on leaving, or sending Hope off with someone else? Hope’s possession ought to make the decision even more difficult.

Finally, Hope managed to unlink Davina and the Hollow before The Hollow was killed, as Kol and Davina rode off together. Hopefully, this won’t be the last we see of these two and even if it is, it was nice of the writers to give Davina a happier ending.

“A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken” was a great episode with tons for fans to chew on before the last two episodes of the season. It also sent off a fan favorite with more flair and created a hell of a situation for the finale.

“The Originals” airs Fridays on The CW.