Patti Labelle to Return to “Empire”

empire-patti-labellePatti Labelle is No Angel.

Patti Labelle, who made a special guest appearance on FOX’s record-breaking hip-hop drama, Empire, won’t be gone for too long when the show returns for its second season.

Labelle on Thursday morning appeared on The View, where she spoke briefly about the series and how she was approached to do the show.

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Empire creator and producer Lee Daniels originally pitched the primetime sudser to Labelle and offered her the character of an angel.

“I said, ‘Angel? That means I’m dead,'” Labelle said on the daytime talk show. “‘They killed me on [American] Horror Story. You’re not going to kill me on this one.'”

Daniels then changed his tune, offering Patti the role she was born to play — herself.

“Okay, Lala,” he told her. “You’ll be yourself and you’ll come back and back and back.”

“So, I’m coming back to Empire,” Labelle confirmed on The View.

Photo Credit: Chuck Hodes/FOX