“Powerless” Recap: Who’s Got Your Back?

When they lose their main hero to Metropolis adjacent, Charm City becomes a more dangerous place and Emily is determined to be ready for it. Jackie is still not for being ‘besties’ with Emily but that hasn’t stopped her before. Elsewhere, Van tries to root out the person in the office who dared use his private bathroom. “I’ma Friend You” was written by Sabrina Jalees and directed by Alex Reid. Here is what happened in Charm City this week on Powerless.

YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME | Crimson Fox is leaving Charm City and it’s got Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) worried that crime will skyrocket, especially against women. For once, Jackie (Christina Kirk) agrees with her and Emily is so excited, she asks Jackie to take a self-defense class with her on their lunch break. Jackie never shows and Emily ends up in a fight with a dumpster and the dumpster wins. She finds out that instead of joining her, Jackie has been driving an Uber on her lunch breaks and after some prying, gets Jackie to admit it’s because she is trying to pay for a field trip to Six Flags for her daughter. Because Emily can’t just sit by and do nothing, she pools her and the team’s money to cover it and takes a check to the school herself. Only problem is there is no such trip. She convinces the rest of the team to keep their mouths shut about it but Jackie’s daughter didn’t get that memo and points Emily out as the woman who told them they were going to Six Flags. Jackie is pissed that Emily keeps interfering in her life and insists she doesn’t want a friend. Only after her car is nearly blown up and Emily rushes to the hospital to act as emergency contact that Jackie opens up a little. She tells Emily the money is actually for night classes and concedes that it might be good for her to have a friend like Emily but only if Emily dials it back one or two or five notches. They team up to take the class together and even get Tony the Sexual Harassment Hot Dog Guy to back off.

POO DUNNIT? | Van (Alan Tudyk) is furious because he has discovered that someone has used his private bathroom to relieve themselves. His evidence is a magazine found at the scene of the ‘crime’ and he is determined to root out the culprit. He narrows it down to Ron (Ron Funches), Teddy (Danny Pudi), and Wendy (Jennie Pierson) as they were the only people there at the time but none of them cop to it. He tries everything to get them to turn on each other from putting them in Conference Room B *GASP* to bribery but nothing works. Eventually they start arguing with each other until Ron marches into Van’s office and confesses. Wendy and Teddy follow their Spartacus and also confess. Just then, security footage comes in and Van discovers that the ‘culprit’ was actually Jackie dropping a magazine on the floor after she used it to kill the rogue bee in Van’s office. Van tries to play off that this was all a lesson on friendship he was trying to teach them. Security footage later shows that literally everyone has been using his bathroom and any security footage evidence is deleted by Peter the janitor because Van is rude to him.

• “Turder, She Wrote” sounds like the thrilling sequel to that book we all had as kids called, “Everybody Poops”.
• I went to public school and I can confirm that we also went to a cemetery as a field trip once.
• Line of the night goes not to Van’s, “He sold you out faster than a Mumford and Sons concert in the whitest part of Portland,” but to Ron’s response of, “You could just say Portland.”

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Photo Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC