“Quantico” Recap: Someone’s Got A Death Wish

Last night Quantico‘s eleventh episode of their tumultuous second season aired on ABC. The episode still has a split storyline, but it’s one of the last to be like that. In the past, the recruits go to Germany to try to exfiltrate an asset with a death wish without getting caught. In the present Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) is faced with a huge moral dilemma. “ZRTORCH” was written by Logan Slakter and directed by Kenneth Fink.

“The largest organized act of treason in US history.” | Owen (Blair Underwood) is in denial that Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor) is part of The AIC, and tells Alex (Priyanka Chopra) she needs to be right if she’s going to accuse her of something this outrageous. Alex does just that, providing Owen with every piece of evidence she can that connects Lydia to several suspicious deaths happening all over the globe. Shelby (Johanna Braddy) even gets in on the action and helps Alex prove to Owen that his daughter is a traitor. Meanwhile, Leon (Aaron Diaz) meets with Nimah (Yasmine Al Massri) and signs a deal from The FBI that will give him immunity in any crimes he has or will be involved in in exchange for evidence of those crimes and who is forcing them to commit them.

In the classroom the recruits learn about exfiltration, the act of getting their asset out of a dangerous situation ASAP. Owen shares a personal story of when he couldn’t get an asset out in time and she was killed in front of her 14 year old son. The recruits assignment is to go to Germany and exfiltrate an asset without getting caught. Before their field trip, the AIC recruits all receive a message telling them to survey someone whilst in Germany (a mission Leon can’t go through with, he does not want to kill again). When they get to Germany it’s revealed that Owen is the asset they must exfiltrate. He entered the country with his real name, not an alias, alerting German intelligence that he is there. After a bit of a tussle, Alex and Ryan are able to get Owen out of a dangerous situation and Alex takes him to his hotel to get something important before they leave the country. Alex is shocked when they enter the hotel room and there’s a young man standing there with a gun pointed at Owen’s heart. The boy says he’s Daniel Sharp (Nolan Gerard Funk), the kid whose mother got killed in front of him because Owen didn’t exfiltrate her in time. Owen encourages the man to kill him, it seems all the drama in his life has finally caught up to him and he can’t take it anymore. He’s hoping Daniel pulls the trigger, but Alex was able to talk the him down and hand over the gun. Once back on US soil, Alex convinces Owen to help The FBI investigate Lydia and The FBI.

“We’re gonna do whatever it takes to protect this country.” | Will Olsen (Jay Armstrong Johnson) is back! Unfortunately, he is helping The CLF kill potential AIC members. The CLF is injecting hostages with a truth serum and asking them about their whereabouts for the last year. If their answers line up with an algorithm Will created, proving they were at three locations where mysterious killings occurred, they were shot and killed on the spot. Ryan is not a fan of killing people based on what a computer says, but Will protests saying that “math doesn’t lie,” but he quickly realizes it doesn’t take into consideration if someone is covering for someone else. And that’s exactly what happened when it was Leon’s turn to be questioned. He was giving factual information, just not about himself (presumably covering for Dayana ((Pearl Thusi)). Ryan takes this opportunity to fight the CLF man wielding the gun, and Will saves Ryan by killing that man before he could kill Ryan. This is where Alex meets up with them, rescue Raina (Yasmine Al Massri), and come up with a plan to get everyone out. Only problem is, the terrorists have moved on to their evacuation plan as well; dressing like the hostages and leaving the building with them. This makes it impossible to know who the hostages and who the terrorists are.

Owen is obviously shaken at the thought of his daughter being part of The AIC, so shaken that he was ready to die than face the truth. Leon messed up an AIC operation, and as a result will probably get kicked out and be unable to help The FBI. And Alex is the hero again, rescuing the hostages from the building they were being kept in. What’s going to happen now? Will Owen confront Lydia about her ties to the treasonous group? Will Leon manage to keep himself in the action, or will he be kicked out and have to face The FBI with no answers? Let us know what you think will happen on next week’s Quantico below!

Quantico airs at 10pm Monday nights on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Giovanni Rufino