Quantico Recap | Misdirection is Key

Quantico is back again with another killer episode! This week, we learned more about Harry’s past life, The AIC, and Alex learns that a close friend is not who she thinks. “Fallen Oracle” was written by Jordan Nardino and Justin Brenneman, and directed by Ralph Hemecker.

Tapping the NSA In The Farm storyline, Harry (Russell Tovey) finally tells the story of how he lost his lover, Elliott, and it is utterly heartbreaking. Elliott’s father couldn’t accept his sons sexuality, leading Elliott to eventually stab himself multiple times in front of Harry. Now we know why Harry wants to get to Elliott’s father so bad.

In the classroom, the lesson of the week is misdirection. Harry teaches everyone how to pick pocket before taking them to the bar to practice themselves. The recruits later learn of their weekly mission, break into the NSA and erase the recruits digital footprints. Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor) also delivers an ulterior mission to The AIC operatives, tap the NSA. Everything goes well for just about everyone, but Dayana (Pearl Thusi) sets Leon (Aaron Diaz) up so he gets caught and kicked out of The CIA. (He ends things with Jane/Shelby (Johanna Braddy) who admits she’s fallen for him) But he does continue working with Nimah (Yasmine Al Massri) for The FBI.

Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) learns from Lydia that he, Dayana, and Leon never actually killed anyone for The AIC. That man was an operative and they used misdirection to convince them they had killed him, all to test their allegiance to the operation. She also tells Ryan The AIC’s mission in the NSA was a black ops mission, but ok’d by the president.

While Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and Owen (Blair Underwood) are investigating Lydia and The AIC they come across an office building full of surveillance equipment. There is a wall of photographs of everyone at The Farm, including Lydia, this can’t be her hideout. Before Ryan can get ahold of Alex to tell her what he’s learned of Lydia, the building explodes, luckily Alex and Owen were just outside.

“Now they’re hunting us.” | In the present, Will (Jay Armstrong Johnson) says for everyone to hear, that he knows how to find out who The AIC members are. He’s trying to get the terrorists to reveal who they are, and it works. The power goes out briefly and Carly (Sebastian’s wife, played by Paige Patterson) has a gun to Harry’s head. I guess we know why she married Sebastian, as a cover because she is a rogue CIA agent. She shoots Sebastian, who in turn shoots her so Harry can get free. They suddenly realize that Carly was a misdirection, Will is missing.

Alex gets out and finds Lydia, who is in charge of rescue efforts. Lydia informs Alex she hid the drives, and that Dayana is the other rogue agent inside, and she’s got Will.

At least now we know who the other AIC agent is! Though this episode wasn’t full of action, it was full of great info! We know why Harry wants to avenge Elliott, and why Sebastian hates Harry. We also learn there may be a third player at The Farm no one else is aware of.

Be sure to catch Quantico Monday’s at 10pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Rivelli