“Quantico” Recap | Questions Answered

Quantico finally answered several questions in it’s thirteenth episode, titled “EPICSHELTER”. We learned how Owen (Blair Underwood) winds up in prison, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) gets kicked out of The CIA, and who’s really behind The AIC. The episode was written by Beth Schacter and Marisha Mukerjee, and directed by Constantine Makris.

Owen Takes The Fall | Owen is done investigating his daughter. Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor) has been Black Ops this whole time, so The AIC is not real. The FBI show up on The Farm to question everyone about the death of a former recruit at a warehouse explosion. But they’re really there to tell Owen they found a tap at the NSA after his recruits went in there. They think it’s his, not Lydia’s, and tell him to turn himself in. He decides he will go down so his daughter can continue her work. As soon as Owen gets put into the back of the car Lydia turns to Alex and tells her she’s cut from The CIA.

Harry Gets Freed | The Night before, the recruits are instructed to write their Will to remind them of their own mortality. Everyone heads to the bar to get good and plastered before writing them, and Harry (Russell Tovey) tries to make peace with Sebastian (David Lim) one last time. Instead, Sebastian flips the conversation by revealing he hacked Harry’s computer and knows his plan to take down Elliott’s father. Sebastian also took it upon himself to email that information to Director Keyes to get Harry kicked out of The CIA. Harry is actually relieved by this news, and buys several rounds of shots for himself and everyone around. After downing a few he reveals to the recruits that he is MI6, takes a few more shots, then heads out to pack. He decides not to leave until the next morning when he was sober, and bumps into Sebastian. He decides to give Sebastian exactly what he needs, a hug and forgiveness.

Miranda and Raina Explain | In the present, Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) and Raina (Yasmine Al Massri) turn themselves in to Shelby (Johanna Braddy), who sits them down in a room to question them about their involvement in the CLF. Miranda fills Shelby in on the very real AIC and why the CLF was formed to stop it. The CLF needed FBI cooperation and Miranda agreed to help, but it was never supposed to turn deadly. Shelby leaves for a moment, then comes back to reveal the Islamic Front has claimed responsibility for the attack, so they are free to go.

Thank God For Bulletproof Vests | Alex and Lydia gather Leon (Aaron Diaz), Harry, and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) to go back in to the crisis zone to get the drives and Will (Jay Armstrong Johnson) from Dayana (Pearl Thusi). When Alex closes in on Dayana it is clear she has been set up, Dayana is working with Lydia. She was instructed to wait for Lydia there with Will Olsen and the drives. At this moment Alex gets shot from behind and goes down, allowing Dayana to run to Lydia with the drives. Alex gets up, she bullet hit her bulletproof vest, and gets Will and finds Lydia as she finishes uploading one drive.

Time Jump | Several weeks later Alex, Shelby, Raina, Ryan, and Dayana are summoned by President Haas Marcia Cross). She wants them to join a special task force focused on keeping tabs on The AIC and see who is accessing the information Lydia uploaded. Oh yeah, and guess who their boss is? Caleb Haas.

So many questions answered this episode! But those answers just lead to more questions. When Quantico returns March 20 we will see just a single timeline for the first time in the shows history. How will Shelby and Caleb work together with their history? Will they be able to stop The AIC?

Quantico returns March 20 at 10pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Giovanni Rufino